February 26, 2013

3 Trends Spotted at NYFW

One of my favorite things about fashion week is scoping out the upcoming trends. Some are a little out there and not necessarily translatable off the runway. However, I did spot a few trends that be easily incorporated into an everyday fashionista's wardrobe:

1. Russia: Russia is having a serious moment! From hit TV shows to the runways, Russia is everywhere in America. We're feeling nostalgic about the Cold War and perhaps that scary meteor that recently flashed across the Russian skies is having us take a look at the former Soviet Union. I think this is a great influence for Fall/Winter as the fashions worn by Russians are meant for extreme cold. Hints of fur and embroidery were used by designers. Designers like Tadashi ShojiChristian Siriano and Pamela Roland were influenced by St. Petersburg.
2. Grunge/Punk: Every fall season, "punk" remains a micro-trend. However, we started seeing last fall a heavy '90s influence and for fall 2013 there was a full on punk/goth/grunge rival going on. Mohawks at Fendi, Marc Jacobs's Joan Jett inspired wigs, and Kaelen inspired by '90s cult classic "The Craft." Get out your ripped jeans, flannel shirt, and Doc Martens. Grunge is back!
3. Shop Your Boyfriend's Closet: aka 'menswear-inspired.' This is a trend that is also in flux every season. I personally love menswear-inspired pieces on women. Novis showed menswear pieces with a feminine twist that I loved. Where designers like Victoria Beckham and Karen Walker took it too more extreme with oversized sweaters and blazers. I hope the oversized trend doesn't get out of hand. But I'm excited that this trend will become more mass market so I can pick up a few pieces for my closet!

What trend did you spot at fashion week this season?




    I cannot overstate how excited I am about this trend.

    1. haha I love dresses with pockets... very pratical!

  2. I lve the shop your bf's closet trend. It looks so comfortable. I saw a lot of pencil skirts at LFW.


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