January 9, 2013

Review: Julep Polish Remover Pads

For my January Julep Maven box I added on their one-step polish remover pads since I was interested in giving them a try. Each packet contains 10 pads. A set of 10 is $9.99 or if you're a Julep Maven they're just $7.99. Each pad is infused with aloe vera to condition your nails while removing polish.

I wasn't expecting the pads to be so tiny! I get the point of trying to save but they were a little too tiny that I could only use one per nail which felt wasteful for me.

- Easy to remove polish.
- The small pads make them easy to get the corners.
- Nails felt healthy. My nails didn't feel weak or brittle after using which some nail polish removers can do.

- Much like the Deborah Lipppmann's Stripper to Go Go mitts, these have a very strong acetone scent and the remover spills out of the packet once you open it.
- While each packet provides 10 pads which is sufficient, I've used one e.l.f Nail Polish Removing Pad to remove all the polish from my nails. Plus they're only a dollar for 18 pads and they don't have an obnoxious smell.

Would I buy them again? No, because I received 10 packets of 10 pads so I'm pretty set for awhile. Also, I am pretty loyal to the e.l.f ones so if they're not available then I'd consider buying more Julep ones.

Have you tried Julep's Polish Remover pads? What are your thoughts?


  1. I'm always a bit wary of nail polish pads. I feel like they leave my hands more greasy. And they do seem a bit pricey.

    1. The elf and Julep ones didn't leave my hands greasy. elf's does have some oils in it to nourish oils but they quickly absorb into the skin.

  2. Totally agree with everything you said! So hard to get the full 10 done with these. I feel like they're only helpful for travel, that is, if they actually do the job.

    1. Thanks! Yeah they could be good for travel. They do get polish off but haven't tried them on glitter polish yet.

  3. Whoaaa those are so small. I love the e.l.f. polish removers too but I can't find them any more! Where do you get yours?

    1. Ugh I get them on their website but they're always sold out!!

  4. I took these on vacation last week and had to use one for each hand. Bummer, especially for the price.


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