January 3, 2013

Movie Review: "Save the Date"

Save the Date is an indie romantic comedy starring Alison Brie (of NBC's Community) and Lizzy Caplan. You already know my love of Lizzy. Alison is also a funny lady. However, this movie was more on the heartfelt side. Alison and Lizzy play two sisters with different views on love... especially weddings. Alison is in the process of planning her wedding while Lizzy rejects her boyfriend's proposal and rebounds with a new guy.

The movie has a pretty cliché plot and rarely did I laugh. Wouldn't exactly classify it as a "comedy." Love all the actors in the film and appreciate the filmmaker trying to step away from the all the cheesy blockbuster romcoms. However, I felt like I've seen this movie a hundred times before. I did like that they showed the relationships of the two male leads as most romantic comedies only focus on the women obsessing over the men. I didn't like how everyone had to keep Alison character's innocent view of the world intact while heavy things were going on. She's a grown woman about to get married. Life isn't happy unicorns and rainbows. I won't spoil anything but I hated the ending! (Hint: They pulled a Sopranos). But it's a sweet film so if you're looking to kill 2 hours on the weekend I'd add it to your Netflix list.

What movies have you watched lately?

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  1. I just watched New Years Eve and The Vow - loved them both (unapologetically!) Ooo and Magic Mike!


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