January 17, 2013

DIY: Studded Barrettes

As I predicted for 2013, hair accessories are already a big trend. Barrettes used to be viewed as an accessory for little girls but now top fashionistas are wearing them. Even my girl Cate Blanchett was spotted recently wearing one during The Hobbit premiere. I had some lying around and thought I needed to jazz them up to my liking - studs!

- Barrettes. As many as you'd like! I had some old Scunci ones lying around.
- Pyramid studs. Depending on what size barrette you want to use, the size of studs will vary. I used 7MM ones from M&J Trimming which come in a bag of 50. Each barrette required 8 studs. I also recommend the iron-on version as they have a flat back for easy application.
- Glue. I used Super Glue to ensure that the studs would stick AND it was a fine point tip for easy application on smaller barrettes. A 2-pack of .07 oz tubes cost $2.99 at my local drugstore.

It's a fairly easy process:
Step 1: Add a small dab of glue. Step 2: Place the stud on top of the glue. Apply pressure for 30 seconds (or until the glue is dry). Step 3: Continue Step 2 until you've reached the end of the barrette. 

You can wear them together or separately. I prefer to use them to clip back my outgrown bangs.

Total cost: $4.98 for studs + $2.99 super glue + $2.99 drugstore barrettes = $10.96

Would you wear the barrette trend?


We all have opinions... I want to hear yours!

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