December 17, 2012

Weekend Recap: It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

Friday: My aunt came into the city from New Jersey to see the tree and to celebrate my big news. We looked at the windows at Saks and did some window shopping along 5th Avenue. We also mailed my Christmas gifts to my family in California so I don't have to carry them on the plane with me. I get so many beauty boxes that I love the holidays so I can reuse them. Pretty much all the gifts pictured above were decorated with recycled items or items from past beauty boxes (except the Sur La Table gift card).

Saturday: I watched Savages on Netflix. It was not the movie I was expecting... it was kind of weird the threesome relationship. However, I didn't know it took place in Laguna Beach, CA which is right near where I went to high school and where my sister still lives. They drove down the 5 freeway and passed my old neighborhood so that added a fun element to the movie I wasn't expecting. I successfully avoided SantaCon (one of the worst days of the year) and watched Martin Short on SNL. I thought the episode could have been better because Martin Short is great but I loved him yelling at Paul McCartney.

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Sunday: Both of the Manning boys were playing the 1 o'clock game. Eli was fighting to stay at the top of his division against the Falcons. But the Giants didn't show up and now their playoffs ticket is in jeopardy. Meanwhile Peyton had a record breaking game and the Broncos are smooth sailing to the playoffs.

What did you do this weekend? 


  1. Those presents are so gorgeously wrapped! This weekend I organized, cleaned, did laundry and planned my cookie swap :)

    1. Why thank you :) Oohh a cookie swap.. I want in!

  2. Looks like a good weekend, aside from the game :( Of course my team wins now that they are pretty much out of it. Boo!

    I didn't know Savages was set in Laguna. Makes me curious now.

    Thanks for linking up!

    1. A fairly relaxing one until Sunday :/ Happy to hear your boys are back but yeah it's a little late

  3. Loving the look of the Christmas tree! I seem to be missing all the London Christmas decorations this time round. I saw The Hobbit this weekend though - so good!

  4. Stopping by from Weekend Update...congratulations on your exciting news! And I am a huge fan of Peyton Manning too. I have been a UT fan for forever and I live in TN. He had an awesome game!


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