December 12, 2012

See You in the Spring NYU!

All those GRE prep courses and hours agonizing over a personal statement paid off. I'll be starting NYU in the Spring where I'll be getting my Masters in Integrated Marketing. I'm so excited about this opportunity as I know it will lead me on the path that I want to be on for my career. I'm coming for you Twitter!! 

I'm not a superstitious person but sister cleverly pointed out that it's 12.12.12 today. A lucky day for me! Just wanted to share the news... now back to blogging as usual. 


  1. A massive congratulations to you! That's amazing news.

  2. AHHHH CONGRATS!!! That is really really really awesome! :) So proud of you girl! NOW YOU GO GET IT!


  3. A huuuuuuuge congrats to you--what incredibly exciting news!

  4. Congratulations! It's all so exciting!

  5. Congrats again Kim- that's so amazing! :D

  6. Congrats! That's awesome news! I'm applying at NYU for grad school in the fall. :)


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