December 22, 2012

My Favorite Posts of 2012

2012 is ending in 9 days so I thought it would be a good time to reflect. I've written quite a few posts this year and even surpassed my 1,000th post benchmark so wanted to highlight some of my favorite posts from 2012 and maybe you can add yours in the comments:

How I Survived High School - High school is a difficult time for many teenagers and it was for me. I wanted to share my story and let them know high school is not the end of the world so stay strong.

An Open Letter to Tourists - Something that we were all thinking...

Why You Should Take My Fashion Degree Seriously - I had some frustrations while on the job market that I wanted to put into words. Got so many warm comments. So grateful!

There's No Room For Your Lack of Ego Here - New York is one of the most cut throat, competitive cities. I've always followed the notion of do right by others and they'll return the favor. This past year I saw too many examples where that didn't happen and I started to wonder if nice girls do finish last. However, I'm optimistic that things will turn around for me in 2013! I'm going to continue to work hard and be nice to people.

In March I hosted Lady Inspiration Week which I was super proud of - some fabulous ladies!

I Don't... (A Little Poem) - It was great to flex my poetry muscles again and open up a little more to share things I don't do or have but make me unique.

8 Ways to Get Me to Comment on Your Blog - I wrote this as someone who reads blogs all day and tries to comment back on every comment I receive. Thankfully I received a great response of bloggers thanking me for the tips and other bloggers agreeing. Glad I could help!

Dwarfism Awareness Month - I was glad I was able to educate some of you better about dwarfism and what it really entails besides just being short.

What My Grandfather Taught Me - It was a difficult post to write but one I wanted to write for some time. He's one of my heroes so glad I was able to put finally my thoughts into words.

I Don't Dress For Men - Another post that took me awhile to write since I had so much I wanted to say. Hopefully I was able to convey that you don't need to change your style for someone and that they should accept you for you.

This year I curated the 2012 Fashionista Holiday Gift Guide along with Laura and Nicole. Such an labor of love and I'm so proud of it. It features products that we all love to use and would be happy to unwrap this holiday season. Stop by!

See You in the Spring NYU! - I am excited about this post as it will change my 2013!

Thanks for reading... hope you'll continue in 2013! 


  1. Great round up of posts. I remember reading them all. Love how your NY centric ones are also so applicable to London.

    1. Aw thank you :) And thank you for being a big supporter of my blog!


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