December 2, 2012

Doncaster Spring/Summer 2013 Presentation

I had the pleasure of being invited to view Doncaster's Spring/Summer 2013 presentation this past week. The Doncaster line also houses the Helios & Luna line and is designed by Patricia Clyne who has a 25+ celebrated history in the fashion world. The Doncaster line encompasses classic, tailored looks to modern, casual pieces. It's celebrating 80 years!

I loved this peplum look which is made of a white/black stretch viscose double knit fabric. The blouse is $275 and the skirt is $225.

This is such a classic spring look to me with the nautical influence. The navy/white stripe ttretch cotton pants are $275. The poly quilted jacket is $350.

How awesome is this jacket? It's a great bold statement and I love how they paired it with statement necklace. Saddle/black tiger print stretch cotton coat is $575.

This black and white dress is not only a classic color combo but it is so flattering for so many figures. This double knit cloth dress is $385.

What look is your favorite?

P.S. Don't forget to check out my guest post over at Christina Does!


  1. Oh there are some lovely things! Loving the tiger striped jacket, very chic!

  2. Cool! I have a ton of Doncaster hand me downs from my stepmother, but I hardly ever wear them because they all need alterations. They have nice classic pieces, but ugh so expensive!


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