December 4, 2012

Where Are They Now? Kim's Childhood Crushes Edition

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Vh1 recently featured 100 Greatest Kid Stars. I was having so many flashbacks to my childhood crushes and was fascinated to see where some of them have ended up. Let's break it down...

Fred Savage
Who didn't want to be Winnie? He was so adorable! But I had no idea he turned into a Ron Howard renaissance man. He's a very in demand director for popular TV shows such as Modern Family. Now I heart him even more.

What girl didn't melt at these initials?! He was on the only reason I tuned in Home Improvement. He took a break from acting to study at Harvard and Columbia. Now lives a quiet life from the spotlight directing some indie stuff. I'll always have the Bop magazine memories.

Kim's crushes come in 3 letters (lol!). Oh Joseph Gordon-Levitt how I adore you. One of my favorite shows was 3rd Rock from the Sun, who couldn't relate to a dysfunctional family? My has he grown into one handsome young man!

Zach Hanson
I didn't buy into the BSB or N*Sync craze... my boy band crush was Hanson, baby! They were talented brothers who wrote their own songs and played their own instruments. My weakness was Zach, of course. Now they still continue to play music and apparently make lots of babies!

Shia LaBeouf
One of my not so guilty pleasures was Even Stevens because of funny, curly haired ADD kid named Shia LaBeouf. I thought he was cute then but had no idea he turned into such a delicious young man. He's a great actor and very talented so I hope he stops this drunken debauchery before falling to another Disney star's level... Lilo.

Zack Morris aka Mark Paul Gosselaar
On to another Zach... Zack Morris. I had more of a crush on Tiffani Amber Thiessen but who wasn't charmed by Mr. Morris and that snazzy cell phone? He's grown into quite the dapper dude with several TV shows under his belt.

Not listed but should have been:
Johnny Depp 
What heterosexual woman (and homosexual man) with a pulse did not absolutely adore Johnny Depp in 21 Jump Street?! While he was in his twenties when he was playing the undercover cop... I'm still including him because he's almost 50 and still killing it in this business!

Ryan Gosling  

How many famous people came out of the Mickey Mouse Club?! He also had a cameo on one of my favorite TV shows as a kid, Are You Afraid of the Dark? where he was involved in some cheesy Canadian acting along with Scott Speedman (aka Ben from Felicity). 

Who were some of your childhood crushes?


  1. haha I was in love with Kirk Cameron from Growing Pains. My mom use to tease me. Then it was Lance from to bad he would never be interested in me lol

  2. OMG: JTT _ My first celeb crush. I love that he's still hot, but wish he was in the spotlight.

    I love Mark Paul Gosselaar these days. He's in Franklyn and Bash, which is such an incredible show.

    1. haha me too... need some more JTT

      I watched one episode and liked it but forget when its on. Glad he's still on TV :)

  3. love looking at all of these pics
    none were my crushes(except Johnny Depp) but my son's grew up watching the shows these folks were on
    nice trip down memory lane

  4. Ahhh Ryan Gosling... sigh. I should keep an eye out for him, he's always being spotted in the West Village. Sorry I missed the Twitter party! I can't see your gift guide for some reason :(

    1. Oh no!

      I know I feel like I never recognize celebrities in person. I'm pretty sure I saw Uma Thurman haha

  5. So I totally had a crush on Zack Morris and Johnny Depp (as my first guy crush ever-Crybaby lol). And I had a thing for Dylan from 90210 and Jamal (Wesley Jonathan) from City Guys too lol. This post takes me way back!

    1. haha OOhh cry baby was good!

      They surprisingly didn't have Jamal on the kid stars list but they had Ravon Simone who was also on the Cosby Show.

      This list is definitely not limited to ALL of my crushes, I was just working from the kid star list :)

  6. JGL, Shia, MPG, Depp, Gosling....loved them when they were young and still love them now!

  7. Wow, my list has a much darker tone than yours. Brad Renfro - Od'd. Devon Sawa - still acting, but has some police charges against him. Andrew Keegan... dated Leann Rimes.

    1. haha we all like the bad boys ;)

      This definitely doesn't sum up all my celeb crushes growing up, this was just the list of the kid stars Vh1 used

  8. I cannot believe what a handsome guy Joseph Gordon Levitt has become! Its hard to believe he was the little kid from 3rd Rock from the Sun and now staring in major movies! I had the biggest crush on Mark Paul Gosselaar, Zack Morris was the dreamiest. I still have a crush on him..ahhh Saved by the Bell. I miss those days.

    Fun Post!

    1. I know, isn't he a handsome man?! haha I miss those days too of TGIF and Saturday cheesy 90 sitcoms

  9. Awesome post! I still have major crushes on some of my childhood crushes. Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Jordan Knight for sure. Kirk Cameron is still very cute, but so weird, I just can't. Haha.


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