December 7, 2012

Book Club Swap

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I usually participate in Book Club Friday and a couple of weeks ago they posted a book swap. Being the book nerd I am, I signed up! I was paired with Kristyn of Chits and Giggles. We exchanged emails about our preferences. I had no idea how to explain what books I like: liberal, political, progressive, comedies, non-fiction? After discussing potential books to swap, we decided just to buy each other books that were on our wish lists. She sweetly purchased a book I've been dying to read but just haven't found the time to: "Twilight of the Elites: America After Meritocracy" by Christopher Hayes. Now I just need to set aside a weekend to read this highly praised book. Thanks Kristyn!

Go see what book I bought for Kirstyn on her blog.

What are you currently reading?


We all have opinions... I want to hear yours!

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