November 29, 2012

What's New In My Closet

What's New In My Closet

While I didn't get to do much shopping while visiting my folks in California over the holiday since we all came down with the flu. My mom did pick me up some great new items. Can you say peplum?! She used to wait to have me shop to pick out what I wanted for Christmas since I have "discerning" taste but I think she has a firm handle on what I like now as evidence by this mini haul. Let's break it down...

- The problem with most cheap sequined tanks is that they aren't lined so the sequins can scratch you. This one is lined with a soft jersey so you avoid that issue. They have an array of colors and styles so you can find one to suit your taste.

- FINALLY! The peplum leather top I've been wanting has finally been found. This is from the Princess Vera Wang collection and fits quite nicely.

- This Anthropologie shirt was marked down to $29.95 - woo hoo! It's super soft and short enough for us petite gals. My mom picked up this peplum top which looked super cute and now I want one!

- How cute are these Old Navy pants? I almost didn't have to them... almost. They have a lot of great printed pants at Old Navy so definitely pick up a pair.

- This Kohl's body con skirt is super flattering and they even have one for plus-sizes so everyone can wear it.

What recent additions have you added to your closet? 


  1. LOVE the Old Navy polka dot pants! WANT!

    1. Aren't they cute? Total knock-off of J.Crew hehe :p

  2. Looks like they got some great pieces. The bodtcon skirt looks perfect. I still don't trust my mum to shop for me, haha!

  3. i adore the leather top!!
    you are so right about cheap scratchy sequin tops

  4. I've had my eye on those Old Navy pants, they are so cute!

  5. Love all your new clothes! It's so fun to get winter things right before the holidays!

    xo Mary Jo

  6. I love sequins! But you're totally right when it comes to lining - been there, done that:) The peplum skirt is really pretty, I've been on the fence when it comes to peplums as I really don't need my hips to be exaggerated, but this seems to be a softer peplum with a nice drape, so I could probably get away with wearing it.

  7. I am obsessed with peplum and have been saying it all Fall! I just can't get enough!


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