November 9, 2012

eBook Review: "Love at First Click: The Ultimate Guide to Online Dating" by Laurie Davis

1 in 5 relationships start online. There are over 1,000 dating sites. It can be overwhelming to decide which sites to use or how to present yourself in your online profile. That's where online dating experts come in like Laurie Davis. (Fun fact: She met her fiancee via Twitter). Laurie is an online dating coach and founder of, which provides the ultimate guide to finding love online. I had the pleasure of reading her book "Love at First Click: The Ultimate Guide to Online Dating." It really clicked (get it?) with me because I've had quite the interesting experience with online dating myself.

Laurie and I had a pretty similar introduction to online dating. I found it fairly normal when there was still a lot of stigma around it. As it became more socially acceptable I would try to convince my friends to join because at least they'd get a date out of it. However, Laurie was a savvy online dater who was able to dig through the hundres of sites and millions of profiles for her friends to recommend compatible matches. Then after one of her friends moved in with one of his online matches, she realized she had a knack for this. (Kim, not so much...). She has created a successful business being a coach and mentor to many online dating virgins or not so virgin.

I loved how she said online dating is really more like online meeting and offline dating. It's true. The dates don't happen on the computer. You're simply scanning a profile, deciding if there's anything in common that you'd think "Hey I'd enjoy this person's company" and then you make plans to meet offline.

She offers some "vows" that all online dating virgins should take. Totally agree with all of them and some offered refreshers like don't get discouraged, which I easily do. Can't tell you how many times I deactivated my account only to reactivate it a few months later.

Even though I've been doing this for awhile, I still learned some new tips:
  • Wear red in your main profile pic. Apparently in 100% of studies, men find women wearing red in their photos more attractive or "desirable." 
  • It's unlikely you'll like your match on paper. Laurie (and much like my friends) insist on being open-minded. Yes, have your boundaries (what you're not willing to be flexible on) but online dating gives you a chance to meet people you otherwise wouldn't.
  • Watch out for scams. Apparently there are fraudulent members lurking around trying to get private information out of you. Haven't run into this issue but a good reminder about cyber safety.
  • Make ABCD lists when it comes to matches. You'll have to read what A, B, C and D mean.
  • Sunday is the most active days for most sites. Who knew?
  • Your first encounter is not a date, more like a second first impression. I know some people have mixed thoughts about this. I tend to keep it casual for the first meeting because you still don't know a lot about that person. Also, if they're not what they look like in their pics or you're not clicking then you can finish your drink and make an excuse to leave.
A tip I totally agree with pertains to texting: After 10pm is booty call territory. Beware of late night texts as they send the wrong signal. And don't drink and text!

You should read this book if you're new to online dating, have tried online dating before and felt frustrated, not sure how to navigate all the dating sites or are looking for dating tips in general. This book offers advice for online and off. Although I feel like I've tried every dating site, I still learned some things. Now I just need to hire Laurie to help me meet better matches!

What are your thoughts on online dating?

Disclaimer: I received a copy to review for press purposes. All opinions expressed are my own. The book's official release date is January 8th, 2013. But it's available for pre-order now - don't miss out!


  1. When i started dating, i was 24 years old. I knew NOTHING about dating because I so happened to be in a relationship for 5 years prior. I jumped into dating and made a lot of mistakes. What changed was "Meeting your Half Orange". Lots of common sense there. And i was going NO WHERE with online dating. I had a few boyfriends in between but after reading that book I found myself realizing the relationships werent working VERY early on.
    My current love, happened literally out of nowhere. We work together and have for 3 yrs. Some time in the summer, during one of our regular conversations, i caught him staring at my legs with those hungry eyes. LOL. I asked him if he wanted to grab a drink. The rest unfolded easily. I am very much in love and never realized i could BE this in love. No doubt in my mind that I am dating my future husband. :-) Gadzukes! did i just admit that publicly???

    1. Aw so happy for you... you guys look so in love on FB :)

  2. I've tried online date and am afraid I haven't been very successful. I've thought about trying it again though; maybe this book will help. ;-)

    1. Aw you should definitely give it another try! You're a great catch :)

  3. These are great tips. Though I haven't had success in the realm of online dating, many have and following these guidelines can help

    1. It might not be everybody but the book does also offer great tips about dating in general, online and off.

  4. i have been thinking about online dating... maybe i'll check out her book before i decide

  5. Stumbled on your blog cause I was searching for Dermalogica reviews. Gotta say, I am a huge fan of online dating - after years on OKCupid, I met my boyfriend on there about eight months ago, we were a 99% match! We're still going strong and I know, just know, that he's the one.


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