November 7, 2012

An Important Victory This Election Year

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Taking a break from fashion for a second to discuss the election. I think it's important to have a firm grasp on your country's political systems (especially if you vote). I pride myself on being an educated voter so I can make an informed decision come election day. Although I will admit, trying to keep up with politics will drive you insane especially these past 4 years. That's why I like to watch humorous political shows like The Daily Show, Colbert Report and listen to Citizen Radio. Why was this important this year? Never in my lifetime (and my parent's lifetime as they tell me...) has a president been so disrespected. On the day Obama was elected, Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell said that his sole purpose was to make Obama a one-term President. That is the antithesis of democracy. Officials are elected to help pass laws and legislation for the benefit of the people, not for their own political gain or agenda. Then there was the shouting of "you lie" during one of Obama's speeches. Never happened to a President (nor should it ever). And the constant questioning of whether he was an actual citizen of this country and making this freely elected President show his birth certificate was ludicrous. There are so many other examples but those are the biggest in my mind. This election was important for Americans to look beyond all that and decide if they wanted to elect President Barack Obama for a second term... and they do.

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This was the first election since the controversial Citizen's United ruling which allowed unlimited amounts of "anonymous" money to be poured into campaigns. Many feared (or hoped... depending on which team you were on) that voters would feel disenfranchised and stay home from voting. It was the opposite. Lines were longer than usual. People in Florida were still in line at 10:30pm after the voting booths closed at 8. Also, in many key campaigns were millions of dollars were pumped into an election (mostly on the Republican side), those who didn't raise as much money won in a lot of the Senate seat races like Chris Murphy in Connecticut. He ran a very grass roots campaign against his Republican opponent Linda McMahon who spent $100 million on her election campaign. Also, one of my favorite women in politics, Elizabeth Warren, defeated Scott Brown in Massachusetts. Elizabeth Warren has been one of the leaders in trying to change Wall Street's tainted ways and hope she succeeds in doing so while in the Senate.

Another reason why this campaign was important: women's rights. Leaving out pro-life or choice, all women should be for equal rights in our healthcare and in civil liberties. A handful of Republicans showed their true colors and infamously discussed rape. Joe Donnelly defeated Richard Mourdock ("God intended it" guy) in the Indiana race for Senate. Todd Akin ("legitimate rape" guy) was defeated by Democrat Claire McCaskill in the Missouri Senate race. Women make up more than half the population and they came out to have their voices heard this election year. They made a profound statement to politicians yesterday and I was very proud.

It was really great to see democracy at work despite so much negativity and so much influential money poured into campaigns, to see that the good guys could come out on top and some of them pretty unscathed by it all. And as a woman, I'm glad to know my lady parts are safe from ignorant old white men and hopefully Obama will push forward some important legislation in the next 4 years. Thanks for reading.

What are your thoughts on this year's election?  


  1. Thanks for your message Kimberlee. I am following you. Great Blog!

  2. I am very happy with the results. As a woman and a minority, i care a great deal about what happens to my body. And I see the President as a man that i can talk to. Not a man that intimidates me or will look down on me. Our President never grew up priveledged and definitely knows first hand what it feels like to struggle a little bit. Who better to help us out of our slum than someone who experienced it first hand.
    My right to make choices about my healthcare! Yes! I need that! Also, the right to go to school. In the end, people who voted for the opponent, at least in my circle of friends, were doing so to restore a religious order and you cant control how a country behaves. In the end, we all live our lives accordingly and will be judged by our maker individually.
    Agh. IM gettng ahead of myself.
    What I am trying to say is "YAY".

  3. Great post. To me a vote for Obama was a vote for civil liberties across the board - that is my number one issue, so that's where my vote went.

    Hopefully this ends the war on women with Team Rape going 0 for 7 in their bids.

    Respect - for the office of the president, for the president himself, and for each other's beliefs and rights. Let's do this, America.

  4. I had my eyes glued to the tv during the election results. So glad to see Obama win. I was about to board a plane when a friend emailed me to let me know.
    I always wish we had the same enthusiasm for election day here in the UK. I saw all the celebrations and queues on the TV and we definitely don't get that here.

    1. Aw that's cool that you Londoners take such interest in our politics

  5. $100 M on a campaign - - what a riduculous waste of money. It is a shame that more politicians and hopefuls don't campaign in more original ways and use the majority of those funds to actually do some good, support charities and those in need, etc. Yesterday was a good day and despite my state (IN) going red like it usually does for the presidential election I am proud that my fellow Hoosiers had enough sense to say no to "God's Intentions"/Murdock. I think the next 4 years are going to be extra monumental for the USA!!

    1. Yeah... why not put it towards paying off our debt? haha

      Yey Hoosiers for stepping up!

  6. The number of women elected to Congress is amazing, isn't it? It almost makes me feel excited about politics again, and I haven't felt that way for a very long time.

    1. Yes! I know I was actually really impressed with the votes and couldn't help but write about them :)


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