November 12, 2012

Guest Post: 5 Nail Trends to Transition Your Manicure From Fall to Winter

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*This guest post was submitted by Clarissa Seaton who has been writing tips about fashion and beauty for many years. She has various articles that help women in grooming themselves with the latest fashion trends and style. Through writing, she shares her experiences and feelings regarding latest fashion news in the market. Follow Clarissa on Google+.

One of the most important fashion trends that have become forefront in popularity is using nails as a primary accessory. Traditionally, women have used shoes or handbags to complete an outfit. Today the newest way to bring an ensemble full circle is getting the proper manicure. Here are a few tips to help any woman fit in this upcoming season.

1. Go Dark And Short

Long nails have always had classic appeal. However this winter, keeping nails square cut and short with rounded edges is one of the latest fashion trends. Colors are tending to be darker than in the past. Stormy blues and wine colors are at the height of popularity. To finish the manicure, a high gloss shine is a must.

2. Pale Palettes

Even though deep and dark shades of nail polish are popular this upcoming season, the extreme opposite is also fashion forward. Some women do not like to hassle with dark polish. This is why pale shades of white have been given a renewed freshness. Many colors that line makeup counters include muted pinks, golds, and creams.  They are placed right beside deep hues. Lighter colors are natural and great for younger women.

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3. French Manicure Makeover

The French Manicure has long been a classic staple at any nail salon. This season, there has been a new development where the contrast of white tips has been turned a bit more dramatic. Women are now getting bright red, black, or shiny silver tips to accentuate the fingers instead.

4. 3D Nails

Nail polish has gone beyond simple color. The latest fashion trends include texture and prints on a manicure. A professional understands different techniques which add depth to nails. At home, a woman can also get the effect of patterns on fingernails. There are great products on the market that can help with this effect. For example, there are nail strips which can be applied with patterns already in place. This means that there is no need for artistic talent to create a great look.

5. UV Gel Polish

When entering the salon, there are more and more options available to clients. Women have long battled the long dry time and chipping of traditional nail polish. UV gel nail polish is one of the newest technologies which provide long lasting and unstoppable color. Special polish is applied and dried under UV lamps. This creates a rock hard finish.

Fashion trends extend into more than clothing. Women must use accessories to complete an outfit. One of the best accessories is the manicure. This season, there are new and exciting ways to polish the nails. Short nails can be painted with deep shades or light colors. Patterns are important as well. The proper manicure will accentuate any wardrobe selection.

Will you be wearing any of these trends on your nails this season?


  1. i love dark short nails
    my absolute favorite

  2. I want to be more experimental with my nails. I love the idea of the french manicure with coloured tips.
    Although, I think we should be proud that I'm wearing two toned nail polish right now.

  3. My favorite look is definitely dark, short nails but I'd like to try the French manicure with a twist.

  4. I love gel nail polish when I have the opportunity to read blogs as interesting as this. Really thanks. I’m going to have to try that.

    - Cindy
    gel polish kit


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