October 12, 2012

Review: Designer Piggies Nail Art Decals

Cynthia of Designer Piggies contacted me about me potentially reviewing her nail art decal wraps. I checked out her site and was intrigued. Loved the name! She's a graphic artist who wanted to create art for your nails rather than the repetitive patterns on most nail stickers. Her designs range from contemporary art to fun characters like Pac Man. I of course fell in love with the skulls which would be perfect for Halloween. 12 nail decals cost $5. It's hard to make a mistake when you can cut the designer to fit your nail. However, I'd like more variety in the sizing since most were too big for my nail and I had to cut the skull off.

The instructions are similar to that of applying of a fake tattoo: Cut to size. Wet the back of white paper, peel off sticker and press onto nail firmly.

Sorry, would have painted my nails if I had known they were sheer

They are $5 cheaper than Sally Hansen nail stickers but you have to put more work in cutting the decal to fit your nail (which I'm not the greatest at) but they do offer more of a variety and individuality to your nails. Plus it's always good to support an independent seller.

Would you try Designer Piggies Nail Art Decals?

Disclosure: I received these products from the seller. It was not agreed upon that I'd review them. All opinions expressed are my own.


  1. Thank you for your review! Because of reviews I have been able to better my product. I design, make and package each decal myself.
    My decals now come pre-cut. All you have to do is cut the side down to your nail. I have also reduced the size of the images and in some designed them in a way that they would look good even if cut.
    I like that you placed them over clear polish...love the naked look we are seeing more frequently on nails!
    Using a file to trim tips at the end is a necessary though. These can also be worn over any color polish, except black ofcourse.

    Thanks again!

    Mention this review and get a free gift with your order :)

    I am helping my daughter with a nail decal designed for smaller nail...BBCnails check them out on etsy!

  2. sounds like a lot of work, but they look great!

  3. I think nail decals and stickers are hard to apply, as opposed to the nail polish strips that are soluble with acetone. These designs are great, I just wish they weren't decals

    1. Yeah, these peeled off which is better than soaking your nails in nail polish remover. But is a lot of work :/

  4. I love them! They look so cool and are different from other nail designs.

  5. These are so perfect for Halloween! I haven't tried nail decals yet, but they're on my list.

  6. Those look fun! I like the patterns more than Sally Hansen.


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