October 7, 2012

How I Wear My Michael Kors Watch

How Would Wear My Michael Kors Watch
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There's been an accessory I've been saving up for - a Michael Kors watch. Some say why do you need a watch nowadays since most people check their phones for the time. I think of it as another piece of arm candy, a fancy bracelet if you will. The rose gold is so gorgeous and is top on my list but I'd take any color!

Fall is in the air and I'm loving the oxblood trend. I'd wear the watch with some burgundy pants, layers and chic ankle boots.

Isn't she a beauty?

Love your Michael Kors watch? Show us how you wear it! Share your photo on Instagram with the tag #MKTimeless for a chance to win our Paris Limited Edition Runway watch.

In accordance with FTC policy, I was not compensated for this post, but content (via images & press releases) was provided by Michael Kors.


  1. I love my MK watch! I don't wear a watch often, but I think they are a classy accessory and make me feel "grown up". Teehee.

  2. That's such a gorgeous watch - especially in rose gold!

  3. I love watches. I never leave the house without one. My Michael Kors one is definitely one of my favourite watches. I have it in rose gold too.

    1. Damn you! hehe Adding it to my Christmas list :p

  4. i am a watch freak and want on "real" MK watch so badly!


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