October 22, 2012

4 Fall Sweaters I'm Currently Lusting Over

Lustworthy Fall Sweaters

I'm on a bit of a shopping ban since I know the holidays are just around the corner and I need to save my money for gifts. However, that doesn't mean I can't look, right? I've been pinning to Pinterest items I'm lusting after so when I can spend (or pass on my Christmas list), I'll remember where I saw all these cute items. One important item for fall that I need more of are sweaters.

1. Been trying to hunt down a more affordable version of this sweater because I'm a bit obsessed with skulls. No luck so far!

2. This Vineyard Vines boyfriend cardigan is the perfect fall color and I love boyfriend cut sweaters because they much more cozy.

3. How cute is this Gap sweater?! I've been wanting to add a touch of houndstooth to my wardrobe and this sweater is perfect.

4. Every time the J.Crew catalog comes in the mail... it pains me. Such cute items for not so cute prices. They recently had a 40% sale but still the items were $60+ so I wept. I'm dying over this sweater... ELBOW PATCHES!

What are you currently lusting after? 


  1. The weather isn't cold enough to wear a sweater here yet. I can't wait to wear my new sweaters though.

  2. i adore the sweater with patches and the hounds tooth is pretty great too

  3. Love these jumpers. I'm stocking up on them this winter. Love the Topshop skull one! So expensive for Topshop though.

    1. RIGHT? ugh of course the one I want one has to be the pricey one

  4. i just recommended that gap one to someone last night..i love sweaters and all the funky styles this season are really fun

  5. Gap has a houndstooth sweater? Cute! I should've included this on my post yesterday about houndstooth :) One of my favorite patterns!


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