September 14, 2012

Zang Toi Spring/Summer 2013 Runway Show

*It is impossible for one girl to cover ALL the shows during New York Fashion Week. That's why you have awesome blogger friends. Laura of Blush and Beakers kindly covered the Zang Toi presentation for me.

As a beauty girl, I never fully understood people who live, breath, and eat fashion. Don't get me wrong,  I like clothes and shopping but beauty is my first love. However, when I saw Zang Toi's Spring/Summer 2013 collection come down the runway, I was speechless (and mind you, I am never speechless). Who knew fashion could be so moving?  I'm talking pastels, sequins, and ball gowns MOVED me. Apparently, everyone else was moved because with each new piece that came down the runway there were gasps followed by approving claps.

The accordion-style orchestra music set a very parisienne and romantic ambience. The male models in beautifully tailored tuxedos and women in gorgeous ball gowns contributed  to the ambience as well. In summation it was magical.

What's your favorite look?

All images courtesy of Blush and Beakers


  1. I am actually most impressed with the hairstyle! It's like a glam take on a gym ponytail!

  2. I admit that this collection wasn't a favourite of mine. I even thought he ruined the romantic ambiance with the suspenders in the mix towards the end. Having said that I expect this will sell well, perhaps even in the bridal sense. Great coverage though I can never get good catwalk shots, she did amazing!

    1. It wasn't my favorite either but glad I got my friend Laura to fall in love with fashion :)

  3. I love the last look and the lavender dress!

  4. Style on the Couch, maybe I was so enamored by it because it was my first real show! I'm glad you like the coverage. Thanks for the encouragement.


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