September 21, 2012

My 5 Favorite Nail Trends At NYFW

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Let's get to my favorite part of Fashion Week - the nails! I love keeping an eye out for new nail trends on the runways that I could possibly attempt. Pictured above is from my favorite designer to spot nail trends - Ruffian. I've attempted their manicures in the past. They always have something amazing and this season was no exception. How gorgeous are those nails? Let's take a lot at some other favorites:

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Gingham nails at Kate Spade. Adorable!

Sally Hansen at Tracy Reese.

Sally Hansen blood drip nails at Prabal Gurung. I attempted this manicure but didn't look as cool.

Simple stripes at Whitney Eve (similar manicure at Peter Som and Veda) featuring Zoya nail polishes.

What were your favorite nail trends?

Sally Hansen images via Facebook
Zoya image via Facebook


  1. Yay! Ruffian! :)


  2. The blood drip ones look really cool! I can't believe I haven't had time to paint my nails in weeks!

  3. The gingham nails are awesome, but I don't like pointed nails! They seem so dangerous. Hahah. I also love the blood drip! Perfect for Halloween!!

    1. I love them haha but yes they are probably dangerous ;)


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