September 5, 2012

Guest Post: Keep It Simple With These 5 Fall Trends

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This upcoming fall, it's all about keeping it simple with fashion. Our favorite designers such as Chanel, Marc Jacobs, and Michael Kors have introduced new trends coming this fall that are more laid back and simple rather than over the top and print filled. Wondering what to shop for this fall? Here are the top fall trends you'll want to wear:
1. Wine Red
Wine red, a deep and romantic red color, is going to be huge in the fall season. Not only is it a perfect shade to wear with other fall colors such as olive green, brown and mustard yellows, but it's flattering on everyone and gives you that warm and cosy vibe. The dark and bold colour is perfect to mix up with other prints, or even spring colours. Pieces such as wine red cardigans, sweaters, and even tights will be the center of attention this fall. If you're not into the color so much, you could always just rock a wine red clutch or shoes. The simplicity of the wine red color truly makes for a great staple piece in your wardrobe this fall.

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2. Equestrian
Everyone loves the riding boots that have been in style for over two years now. This fall, it's time to take that same equestrian boot style and incorporate it into other clothing species and accessories. The rusty equestrian trend has been seen on Fall runway shows of Max Azria and much more. Look for satchels and accessories made from brown leather featuring buckles that give you that casual equestrian style. Designers love the strappy look, so go pick out some equestrian styled pieces for this fall!

Rachel Zoe A/W 2012

3. Full on Metallics
You don't need floral prints or busy stripes this fall, but you sure will see simple metallic all over. Metallics are unique but also simple enough to pair with a casual white tee or anything you'd like. Designers such as Rachel Zoe and Badgley Mischka have both created collections for this fall focused on the soft metallic look. Although designers love the head to toe metallic style, you don't have to go buy a full metallic dress if you aren't into it. Simply pick up some metallic jewelry pieces or even a bag that is simple and classic but still trendy for this fall.

4. Patent Leather
Patent leather is a hot trend this upcoming fall. With its high shine style and simple silhouettes, you can easily pair them with your favourite outfits. Forget the textile coats this fall. Patent leather coats are great because they are perfect for the rain and look chic and stylish on everyone. In fact, patent leather shorts and pants are also in. You'll be able to find them in many different lengths and colors, and although it may not be as comfortable as cotton, it sure spices up your ordinary look but still remains simple and chic.

5. Oversized Coats
Nothing says simple like an oversized coat that's made from one or two solid colours to work great with a printed dress or a fun pair of shoes. Oversized coats are going to be seen all over in many different cuts, including the bell style, floor length and boxed blazer. The shape of them is what really matters, and pairing them with simple leggings or jeans will give you an effortlessly stylish look that you can wear anywhere. These oversized jackets are better to be simple because they can be so versatile.

Marc Jacobs A/W 2012

6. Hats
Hats have made their way back to fashion, being seen on many different fall collections of designers. A simple woven, fur or wool hat is great to pair with a oversized jacket in the fall time when the weather is getting chilly. They're a simple way to look chic and cover up your hair on a bad hair day.

These 2012 Fall trends have been seen all over already and now it will be your chance to pick up some of your favorites and incorporate the simple style with them. Simple is the way to do it this fall because classic and well fitted pieces can truly work well with anything.

What fall trends are you looking forward to?

*This guest post was submitted by Louise Goldsmith who is a hair, beauty and fashion devotee. She has worked in salons and shops, with stylists and stores.  She currently works for Coathanger, a London based personal shopper.


  1. love the wine and equestrian looks
    can't wait to incorporate them into my wardrobe

  2. I am very VERY excited about wearing red. And I think patent leather will be a new favourite trend of mine.

  3. I definitely like the metallics trend although I only have one or two sadly. Haha, time to update and upgrade maybe?

    x, Crystal
    crystal dots.

    1. I definitely need to upgrade with more metallics!

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