September 20, 2012

A New Way to Watch the Emmys Red Carpet This Sunday

Ever wanted to get the latest photos of your favorite celebs? With the latest partnership between NYC fashion startup SparkRebel and Getty Images, you can! Within minutes of a photo being taken by professional photographer around the globe, SparkRebel can share it instantly with its users. The best part is that SparkRebel has over 80 popular celebrity pages you can follow so you can select which celebrities you want to see in your feed. You no longer have to dig through the internet to find the photo you want. They're right at your finger tips!
SparkRebel just successfully finished New York Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week where they featured backstage photos, front and center runway photos, after parties and celebrity sightings. Now they are tackling the Emmys red carpet happening this Sunday. Elad Baron, CEO of SparkRebel, said "One site now delivers them the highest quality images, full descriptions and community comments, all in a personalized stream." It's every celebrity stalkers dream!

You may remember SparkRebel sponsored a swap event I hosted back in March and I couldn't be happier for their success. I really think this will enhance the red carpet watching experience since I know I'm always trying to find the best photos and find out what the celebrities are wearing.

Will you be tuning into the red carpet this Sunday?

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  1. This is great to know. Back in the day I used to have a celeb gossip blog and had a subscription to Getty.


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