August 7, 2012

My August Sample Society Box

I'm baaaackk!! Normal blogging shall resume starting with my monthly beauty boxes. While I was gone, BeautyBar's Sample Society box arrived. It was a great box with better sized samples than previous boxes. A few new brands and a few familiar faces. Let's see what I got...

Elemental Herbology Cool & Clear Facial Cleanser (0.8 fl oz/ full size 2.5 fl oz $46) | Arcona Cranberry Toner (1 oz/ full size 3.7 fl oz $32) | Phyto Phytonectar Oil Ultra Nourishing Oil Treatment (0.33 fl oz/ 1.7 oz $30) | Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish in Private Dancer (full size $18) | Jane Iredale Longest Lash Thickening and Lengthening Mascara in Black Ice (0.1 oz/ full size 0.42 oz $33) | Extra sample: Malin + Goetz Vitamin E Moisturizer (.04 fl oz/ full size 4 oz $45)

This anti-bacterial, foaming facial cleanser gently dissolves impurities, purifies pores, removes all traces of makeup and balances oil, leaving the skin feeling clean and refreshed. Ingredients include lavender, tea-tree oil, Bisabol and green tea. It reminded me a lot of Fresh's Soy Face Cleanser.

3-in-1 cranberry milk toner cleanses, tones and hydrates, infusing skin with protective antioxidants to leave it glowing and refreshed. Removes dirt, oil and makeup. Protects and clarifies skin with antimicrobial cranberry, contains vitamins, phyto-nutrients and essential fatty acids. Neutralizes free radicals with vitamin E tocopherols and tocotrienols. I LOVED this toner! It smells great, gentle but effective. I think I'm going to use my $15 gift code to get a full size bottle.

This unique oil easily penetrates into each strand bringing damaged, dehydrated hair back to life. The formula restructures ultra-dry hair with egg yolk that is rich in proteins, lipids and vitamins, and also prevents oxidation with sunflower extract. The directions say apply from roots to end and leave on for 15 minutes. I wasn't sure how much to add my hair since it was vague. It reminded me of V05 hot oil my grandma uses except you don't heat it up.

My first Deborah Lippmann nail polish! So excited. I've always wanted to try her polishes. Private Dancer is described as gilded ultra violet color.

Left: Before; Right: After

Jane Iredale's mascara contains dual-purpose formula including sea minerals that condition lashes so they can grow to their fullest potential, while thousands of cellulose fibers coat the lashes for a look that's glamorous, rich and full. I like the squeezable tube; however, I wasn't very impressed with this mascara especially for $33.

Our oil-free, residue-free moisturizer scientifically synthesizes natural anti-oxidants vitamins E and B5 and soothing chamomile with absorbent fatty acids. Gently and effectively hydrates and ph balances all skin types, unlike traditionally greasy pore-clogging oils, for an intensely nourishing treatment, reducing epidermal irritation for the most sensitive of skin. There was barely enough sample to apply on my face so can't give a full review.

Sample Society also includes beauty tips from Allure magazine editors. This month included "Skin Tricks for Plane Travel" which would have been helpful for my flight! Did you know that airplane air has an average of 15% humidity, less than the Arizona desert? Their tips:
  • Before boarding, spray/splash your face with warm water and apply a moisturizing serum and lotion. Don't forget your lips!
  • Once you're seated, apply sunscreen with SPF 30 to face and neck. UV lights are even more intense at high altitudes. 
  • Every hour of your flight, reapply moisturizers and lip balm. Drink plenty of water!
  • Before landing, wash your face with a pre-moistened wipe. Airplane's recirculated air allows acne-causing bacteria to gather on the skin's surface. Eww!

What did you get in your box this month?


  1. I really like those tips! I always wondered how I can board a plane with clear skin and walk off with a brand new, enormous zit! Will keep all these in mind next time I fly!!

    1. I knew about SPF but didn't think to spritz myself ;)

  2. Welcome back! I saw you were travelling the same time as me this weekend. I'm really interested in the toner here. I never use toners - do you think they are an essential part of a beauty routine Kim? Am I missing out?

    1. haha love that you come to me for advice. I didn't toners for a long time because I found them to be too harsh on my skin. However, this one isn't harsh at all. Toners are good for using after you remove makeup to get the deep dirt before washing your face.

  3. so this is a new monthly box that i haven't hear of yet
    as for me, i like the qvc beauty test tube, it isn't as often, but has some great things and are usually full size
    enjoy your new goodies and welcome back

    1. Oh just follow Kim for all the monthly box updates hehe

  4. ohh awesome! love that nail polish!

    1. I was hoping for one of their glitter polishes :(

  5. Welcome back. Hope you had a great trip.
    The cleanser sounds good. Definitely one I'll keep an eye open for.

    1. Thank you my dear! Let me know if you try it :)


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