August 13, 2012

My August Birchbox

My August Birchbox finally arrived! The theme was "Back to School" which tied in with their new program to help Pencils of Promise build a school. All month, Birchbox will donate 15% of proceeds from the Shop to Pencils of Promise with the goal of building a school in Central America. So awesome!

This month's box not only had cute details on the outer box (did you see the ruler?) but their handout of products included got some improvements. It is more like a handout guide featuring tips on skincare and makeup.

DDF Brightening Cleanser (2 fl oz/ 8.5 oz $38) | Viva la Juicy La Fleur perfume sample | Caldrea Basil Blue Sage Hand Soap samples (full size $10.50) | Per-fekt Beauty Lash Perfection Gel (0.01 fl oz/.45 oz $28.50)

This cleanser is a blend of six natural skin brighteners in a foaming glycolic and salicylic gel to help noticeably minimize uneven skin tone and target age spots. Excellent for face and body as part of an overall hyperpigmentation program. Also effective in helping minimize post blemish discoloration. I didn't care much for the scent but like that it works on the body as well.

Caldrea's liquid hand soap includes Aloe Vera Gel, Olive Oil and a unique blend of essential oils that create a hard-working, yet softening cleanser for your hands. Wasn't sure why I needed a hand soap sample. I do like that is paraben free. The smell was okay but not a product I would buy a full size of.

This multi-taksing formula glides on effortlessly to prime, darken, lengthen, strengthen and condition lashes. Smudge-resistant and clump-free. I liked learning about this product but wasn't a fan of the brush. May use it as a base then apply a few coats of my regular mascara over it.

They also included this Schick razor as a Birchbox Find. "We scour the high-end beauty world for products you need to try. But we also keep an eye out for affordable finds that will improve your day to day, like this new razor by Schick." This is the first I've heard of a "Birchbox Find" and kind of felt like it was a little out of place in the box.

Overall, I liked the upgrade in packaging with the tips. I felt the samples were really small, how many Juicy Couture perfume samples can one girl receive?

What did you get in your box this month?


  1. Compared to the stuff I was being sent, this looks like a pretty good box! Aside from the fact you keep getting Juicy samples lol.

    1. Oh interesting. Last box was awesome so it was definitely was a step down :(

  2. i hope that cleanser is good! i'm supposed to be getting it in my box!

  3. I've used DDF before and love the brand actually. They sell it at Sephora. I like the theme of this box. Maybe next time they will provide another brand of perfume. :)

  4. Though all the products in the birch box are quite awesome but the most I liked is the DD skin brightener and its cute packing.

  5. the samples were too small i so agree, a lil disappointing compared to last months but ill take a free razor any day haha!

  6. At least the Schick razor made it worth the subscription fee (IMO!)

  7. I've heard per-fekt has good products, but yeah... don't love the brush. So many companies ruin a good mascara with crappy brushes!


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