August 6, 2012

Guest Post: 3 Casual Birthday Looks by 260 Days, No Repeats

Hi, I'm Iris from 260 Days, No Repeats here wishing Kimberlee a very Happy Birthday while she is off celebrating... also, to tell you about some clothes and stuff. One of the biggest things on my mind when my birthday rolls around are my wardrobe choices. After all, it isn't just any other day; birthday's are special! Whether you're a guest at a fantastic celebration or the birthday girl herself these outfit options make getting dressed for the festivities a piece of cake.

I feel after you hit twenty one some portion of your birthdays moving forward are spent imbibing cocktails at your local watering hole. While that may not be the main event in the cavalcade of celebrations it happens nonetheless. It's always nice to fall back on comfy separates from your everyday repertoire. A nice pair of skinny jeans with a comfy shirt and sandals fits the bill for an afternoon or night out drinking with friends and could translate well to dinner after or any activity that is planned.

Birthday: Out to the Bar

Birthday: Out to the Bar by shespysthebuys featuring floral jewelry

One of the things that always happens as part of my birthday celebration is dinner with family and/or friends at a nice restaurant. I don't necessarily mean the fanciest of places but, I do mean nice enough that I wouldn't want to be wearing jeans or flip flops. It's always easy to fall back on a comfy dress when in doubt and I am currently obsessed with the high-low trend so this outfit is a winner on all fronts for me. Especially with a few fab neutral accessories and a pop of teal!

Birthday: Out to Dinner

Birthday: Out to Dinner by shespysthebuys featuring post earrings

One of my favorite birthdays so far was spent out dancing the night away at some random club in the Meatpacking district. One of the things I did that was different than 99% of the other ladies at the club was wear flat sandals. I had just pulled a muscle in my leg and didn't disillusion myself into thinking that I could get away with 5 inch skyscrapers all night while dancing and not hurt myself more. It wasn't a big deal at all and now I think if I ever found myself in that club situation again I might just wear the flats or sandals and skip the heels. I feel no one pays much attention to your feet in a dark crowded club anyway especially if you're wearing a cute dress and interesting jewelry. 

Birthday at the Club

Birthday at the Club by shespysthebuys featuring a one sleeve dress

Thanks for checking out my easy birthday outfits for the different situations you might find yourself in. Would you have done anything differently? I'm always open to suggestions. Either way, please feel free to visit me at 260 Days, No Repeats or email me at!


  1. I love the second dress, sooo cute. I like the high low look too.


    1. I am obsessed and was rocking a different high low dress today at work :)

    2. Big fan of the high/low look as well!

  2. I'm fond of the peach dress here!


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