August 5, 2012

Guest Post: 10 Non-Traditional Birthday Gift Ideas by Modly Chic

Original Image Source: via Liz on Pinterest

Hey. I'm Katy from ModlyChic and I'm guest posting today for Kimberlee while she's off celebrating her birthday in style! In a few weeks my birthday is approaching and it's got me thinking of the little things I'd like. Sure, when you are a style blogger clothing and accessories are always a good gift option. But sometimes it's nice to branch out and get something non-traditional. What I'm loving at the moment.

Birthday gift ideas

- a magazine subscription (online or in print) to a favorite magazine. Who doesn't love mail arriving on a regular basis?
 - a beautiful coffee cup to enjoy your morning cup of joe. Most mornings any cup will do to jump start the caffeine needed. But everything is better when in a pretty wrapper, even coffee.
- a framed classic movie poster.
 - moleskin notebook. These babies are great to carry around in your purse and jot notes when inspiration hits. Yeah, the note app on the iPhone is handy but sometimes you need pen and paper.
- colorful watch. For me, at least, watches are more a functional item than an accessory. Getting a colorful one, that I probably wouldn't buy on my own would be a great gift.
- cupcake candles. Totally not practical but these are just fun.
- decorative iPhone case. Secretly I wish I could swap my iPhone case according to my daily mood but I can't justify purchasing an extra case just for the heck of it.
- iPad case. You might as well have a fun and colorful case when you're working (or playing games.)
- cookbook. Every girl has at least some cooking prowess, or wishes she did.
- weekender bag. For all the weekend trips I take I still don't actually own a weekender. I usually use an over-sized purse or a gym bag.

Even if your birthday isn't approaching I'd love to know what you're craving these days.


  1. I never thought of giving someone else coffee cups... that's an excellent idea, specially if they're like the beautiful Anthropologie ones!

    1. Anthropologie has the cutest houseware items :)

  2. I would love to receive any of these gifts! :)


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