August 15, 2012

These Boots Were Made For Walking Thanks to Foot Petals Shoe Cushions

August is almost over and it will be soon be time to bring out your fall wardrobe. Us New Yorkers do a lot of walking and not only do our shoes but our feet take a beating. Foot Petals is a brand known for their fabulous and fashionable shoe inserts and shoe cushions, which add comfort to any of your fall shoes. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit your shoe style:

L-R: Killer Cushions, Stiletto Shieldz, Strappy Strips, Pressure Pointz, Heavenly Heelz
Pointy toed heels are a big trend this fall. However, wearing them can be not so chic with cramped toes and blistering. That’s when Foot Petals Pressure Pointz shoe cushions can save the day for women in stiletto heels! Pressure Pointz are small shoe cushions that women in high heels can stick in a specific spot of their shoes to create a defense layer between their shoe and skin. Foot Petals Killer Kushionz will also help keep your foot in place so it doesn’t slide forward, preventing toe cramping while wearing your pointy toed shoes.

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Stiletto Shieldz are a great option to keep up appearances. Just launched by Foot Petals in May, place them on the outside of heels to prevent scuffs and nicks. Or add some Strappy Strips to the inside of any strap on your high heels to prevent red marks, rubbing, or just to keep a loose strap in place!

Heavenly Heelz shoe cushions are a great product for any shoe that is a bit too big or cuts the back of your heel. Simply apply to the inside back of your shoe to keep your foot comfortably in place. Works great in a pair of boots to prevent sliding!

Best of all - all these products are within a fashionista's reasonable budget as compared with competitors. Keep your style and your comfort this fall with Foot Petals!

Would you give these shoe cushions a try?

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.


  1. I need these for fashion week lol

  2. I use all kinds of foot pads everyday. I have some foot petals right now.

  3. I totally need these in my life. I was on my feet in crazy high heels all night tonight.

  4. Looks like you have come up with the awesome footwear option.You got me confused which one to get as all you have mentioned are quite awesome.

  5. Awesome collection!I am in total need of these due to my flat foot.


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