August 18, 2012

ELLE's Beauty Director, Emily Dougherty, Shares Her Beauty Tips and Tricks

I even got to wear the D&G headband!

On Thursday, I had the pleasure of meeting ELLE magazine's Beauty Director, Emily Dougherty for Beauty Editors Day at Saks Fifth Avenue in support of Look Good, Feel Better. 32 of the top beauty editors and 32 of their favorite beauty brands provided 20-minute makeovers with top makeup artists. I was lucky to have celeb makeup artist Christian McCulloch at Dolce & Gabbana. Before the event she took time to answer some of my burning beauty questions!

Where do you find the latest beauty tricks? Other editors? Blogs? YouTube?
"Every night I read beauty blogs." She says she watches less TV and opts to read more blogs. She is a big fan of YouTube. In 2008 ELLE created their Video Star Channel, where they promote these beauty gurus online. She also looks to see where fashion designers get their inspiration because you can get beauty ideas from the same places. However, She mostly gets her best tips from her readers. That's why she loves events like Beauty Editors Day where she can meet face-to-face with her readers and walk away with some great new tips. One reader had "the best way to get rid of clogged pores using saran wrap on your nose with coconut oil and then blow drying." She has learned as a beauty editor "people will go to the end of the Earth to get rid of blackheads."

What products do you recommend investing in? What items can you buy at a steal from drugstores?
She says she's very "price Agnostic." She can find amazing products that work for $1. She says a woman "can walk out of drugstore and have a perfect beauty routine." She is guilty of being a midnight shopper at Duane Reade. Drugstores have really improved their quality. When she started in the business years ago "there wasn't the same level of quality" but brands like Olay and L'Oreal offer high quality at reasonable prices. She recommends going to department stores for products worth investing in like the perfect red lip. "The person at the counter can show you what works for you" which you don't get a drugstore. "Never spend money on an item that's a trend" Are you going to wear this neon yellow nail polish next season? Don't take risks on crazy colors that you won't get a lot of use out of. One product that she invests in is La Mer because it has helped her over the years with bad flare ups on her skin.

How do you transition your skin from summer to fall?
She was recently talking to makeup artist Bobbi Brown about this topic and she "recommended looking in the mirror every day and see what your skin needs." You should keep a steady beauty routine throughout the year. Sunscreen, good moisturizer, gentle exfoliator. "Dermatologists say fall is a safe time for skin. No extremes of heat." Your skin will have a sigh relief after all this humidity here in New York. It's a "good time to get your skin back on a even keel." She recommends start exfoliating now since your skin is congested. Get ready to help protect your skin from the colder temperatures. Her rules for winter are "No hot showers. Keep skin hydrated. Sunscreen." She gets bad eczema and recommends putting on Aquaphor on your body and wrapping in saran wrap. Your body will soak up the moisture.

3 products she can't live without:
1) Sunscreen. A must all year round!
2) Tinted moisturizing balms. She has several in her bag because they help give your lips a hint of color.
3) La Mer. This has been a trust product for her problem skin throughout the years.

What product instantly lifts your mood?
The product that instantly boosts my mood is anything lavender-scented. Because I use lavender so much when I'm on vacation (It's the best bug repellant), it instantly mellows me out even when I'm not on holiday.

What was the best beauty advice you ever received? Who gave it to you?
"Everyone looks more beautiful when they smile" from my first beauty boss, Felicia Milewicz.


  1. O what an amazing opportunity and experience!!! And you like fab as always!

  2. How awesome that you got to meet her! Great interview. I too love anything lavender scented- its so relaxing. That black head tip is interesting- it sounds scary tho! I am suprised she reads blogs so frequently!

    1. Thank you :) Yes lavender is very relaxing.

  3. ELLE is a really well known brand and having a word with the director on beauty tips is really a good thing Its a nice Question answer session that we can see here. so Liked the tips she has given! nice read.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day :) I love this post! How amazing that you got to interview her :)

  5. What a cool opportunity Kim and I love the tips that she offered- great post!

  6. Nice interview Kimberlee. That is why I love your blog. Just got back from a long summer vacation and I am back reading your blog. I really missed it. I agree with her, drugstores' beauty products have gotten better. I do shop at Duane Reade and wallgreens. Why break the bank when you can find great products there.


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