July 16, 2012

Weekend Recap: Blogiversary, Haircut & VIP Brunch

I actually had an eventful weekend so I'll break it down by day (to seem cool and all...):

L-R: We told them it was her birthday; delicious guac and chips; me tweeting with my bling

Friday night: It was fellow blogging buddy Nnenna of Star Crossed Smile's 2 year Blogiversary so we decided to go out and celebrate at Yuca, a tapas bar in the East Village. I went with Alex from Delayed Missives, Luz from Luchie's Creations, Kristine and Jamillah from Made to Travel. We told them that it was her birthday so she could blow a candle out (it's always fun to do). We were all busy tweeting on our phones (typical bloggers).

Saturday: I took advantage of a Lifebooker deal for a Haircut, Deep Conditioning and Blowout for $25 (value $125) at a salon in my neighborhood. It was nothing exceptional. They didn't use any products in my hair (besides shampoo and conditioner) which was disappointing because I like to go to the salon to get pampered. I wouldn't go back for the same experience and pay $125 that's for sure but for $25, it wasn't awful. Always nice to have someone else blow your hair out.

Sunday: I was invited to a VIP Brunch at Tip or Skip. It's a very addictive app where you can discover fun and unique items on the web. Some of us VIP tippers were invited to their New York headquarters to enjoy a delicious brunch and learn about some new exciting features. Nothing I can discuss right now but stayed tuned in the next week or so. They also graciously got us gifts that included an item that we had "tipped" - mine was this studded iPhone case!

Sunday night: I was so excited because it was the long awaited return of Breaking Bad! I re-watched all 4 seasons because I couldn't stand the suspense. It really is one of the greatest shows on television ever. For those who watched... all I have to say is MAGNETS!

What did you do this weekend?

P.S. I'm looking for guest posts the first week of August. Get in touch if you'd be interested in contributing!


  1. What a fun weekend you had! Thanks again for coming out on Friday- I had a blast :)

    Also, I just started watching Breaking Bad- I have no idea what took me so long! I just finished season 3 and can't wait to dive into season 4!

  2. Okay I need to get on this Breaking Bad thing! I've heard lots of good things but haven't watched yet! Love your new iPhone case! Thanks for linking up doll :)

  3. All that yummy looking food makes me hungry!

  4. I still need to watch season 4 and I am dying to get home and start it!

  5. You're the second person to talk about Breaking Bad, what is it??

    Love your profile pic, so cute.

    I think I need that app too.


  6. Kim you go to some fabulous events! As you know I was in Austin last week, I had a very chilled out time with old and new friends. Look forward to catching up over a coffee in NYC sometime, I'm on the case finding us a date.


  7. Sounds like a GREAT weekend! I saw the blog birthday fun on IG and thought it was such a cute idea! I may do that this year ;)

    And I still need to get on the Breaking Bad train! Never seen an ep!!

    Thanks for linking up with us!

    Oh and if you're still looking for guest bloggers, I'm in :)


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