July 20, 2012

Nail Art: Ants at a Picnic

It's summer time and summer means picnics! I thought I'd do a simple nail art of a red and white checked tablecloth along with some ants who tend to crash the party. Here's my take:

I used:
- Julep's January
- Kiss Nail Art brush in White
- Sally Hansen Nail Art pen in Black

Start with red nails.

Add horizontal and vertical white stripes with nail art brush creating a basket weave looking affect.

Allow white stripes to dry before adding the ants. Create the ants by connecting 3 various size dots.

What summer nail art are you inspired by?


  1. This is wayyyyyyyyy adorable! I really need to buy a nail art pen.


  2. When I saw what you said on twitter I immediately thought of gingham nails with ants! Love it.

    1. haha yeah they have a bit of gingham to them ;)

  3. Turned out beautifuly, and such a great idea!

  4. you are so awesome! such a fun mani!

  5. *dies* *comes back to life* THESE ARE AMAZING!!!

  6. hahaha how funny is that? maybe I'll do a grilling manicure...you know, brats and hamburgers ;)


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