July 3, 2012

Moving to New York? Here's Some Advice From Me to You

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Are you looking to move to New York City? It can be a scary but exciting move! While I've shared 10 items you should invest in when moving to New York... I wanted to also give you some of my tips. Having lived here for 5 years, I have picked up a few things!
Don't live in a pre-war building. You'll run into lots of problems: no hot water, rats, elevators breaking down.

Central air is worth the cost. Hand-in-hand with the pre-war building warning. Air conditioning is so worth it especially when it's 95 degrees plus humidity.

Have two wardrobes: Winter and Summer. The weather changes on the East Coast are quite dramatic so it's hard to get by with one wardrobe. Many of us have two that we cycle out and put the other in storage.

Cabs. They are open when ONLY the numbers are lit up. It's common to tip between 20-25%. There are no seat belts so hold on.

Pedi-cabs. Don't take one. Ever. They are a complete rip-off.

Walking. Refer to my tourist post.

Avenues. They are much longer than a block. 6th Ave doesn't follow 5th. There's another avenue after 1st. It's very confusing.

Let people off the subway before getting on. No one follows this logic but I hope if I keep doing it that they will catch on. It hasn't happened yet.

Know your order. New Yorkers are always in a rush so if you don't want attitude be ready to order when you approach the counter or when the waiter comes to your table.

We are nice. New Yorkers get a bad rep. Just don't interrupt us if we have headphones on, look like we are in a rush to get somewhere, or are looking down at our phones frantically typing.

Explore! There's constantly things going on in the city so there's no excuse to be bored.

What advice would you add?


  1. I would have to disagree with you on the prewar apartment thing. If those things are happening in ANY building, those are building code violations.
    pre war apartments mean LARGE apartments. Modern apartments are Closets.
    Currently reside in a prewar apartment. And this is the 3rd time I have lived in a prewar apartment. If someone is looking to live in a prewar apt, do some research. You can tell a lot by visiting a place before you decide to rent it.
    And I have to disagree on central air as well. An AC unit in conjunction with a ceiling fan work wonders.
    Kudos to the subway tips! It is so annoying when people bumrush a train while people are trying to get off of it! sheesh!
    Have a happy fourth lovely!

    1. haha love how we had a full day of Twitter banter about our pre-war apartments :p

  2. Love this post! Cabs certainly do have seat belts, and I use them every time I ride one. That's my tip: wear your seat belt in a cab! Those drivers are cray cray! My other tip? Be open to being a tourist in your own city. NYC has so much to enjoy :)

    1. haha I never use them and never notice them :p

  3. I think some of these can go for other major cities as well, I know I agree, one thing that's quite annoying is when people get on the metro before others getting off. lol :) Great post!

  4. What a fun series! I know a lot of people dream of moving to NYC. I did it. I'm not sure what I would add. SELL YOUR CAR, how about that? I didn't and paid more in tickets than I care to admit. Also, don't move in with a stalker. That sucks...

    Best advice ever :)


    1. Yes do sell your car! I am so happy that I don't have to drive everywhere :) haha and um yes, don't ever live with a stalker :p

  5. Great post!

    Totally agree about letting people off the subway first. One of my biggest pet peeves of the city.

    Also, I would recommend living with a roommate or in a neighborhood like Astoria (in Queens) or Clinton Hill (in BK) to save some money.

    And to avoid bad building management, google the company first!

    I also have a blog about Moving to NYC, with a focus on finding an apartment without using a broker! Would love for you to check it out sometime!! http://movingtonyc101.blogspot.com


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