July 17, 2012

How I Display My Jewelry

I feel like these posts are similar to the "What's in my Bag?" posts... people like to see inside your closet. Well for me, it's outside my closet on top of my dresser. I definitely think it helps to have your jewelry out and displayed so you know what you have. It also makes your apartment look great! I have lots of jewelry stored to the side of my dresser but thought I'd show you the pretty stuff:

A vintage inspired mirror that coordinated with the ring display (notice the birds?) from Urban Outfitters. The ring display isn't available anymore but there are some similar items on their website. I like to hang my vintage scarves on it.

Urban Outfitters Jewelry Tree which was broken when it arrived in the mail, but nothing super glue couldn't fix. I hang my heavier jewels on it because it's very sturdy.

Whenever my mom finds bodice dress forms she buys them for me so apologies that I don't recall where this one is from. I've built quite the collection. It's pretty short so I can only hang 16" necklaces or bracelets on it.

Laying out my favorite Ann Taylor bracelet
Now moving along to the rings...

Another Urban Outfitters purchase from many years ago. This used to be a little more full but I recently added this...
See my belt display behind it?

Any guesses what this is? Silverware holder! That's right. My forks and knives used to hang from this. That is until they started discoloring. I kept the holder because I thought it would be great for my rings! I think it kind of looks like an angel, no?

I also followed a tip from Bath & Body Works to use old lotion jars to store jewelry. It makes them smell great! I store my vintage brooches and my sterling silver jewelry that can't be hung out in the open.

My brooch collection
Also used to be more full but now I have 3 ring holders...

How do you display your jewelry?


  1. Such cute holders! I've quickly outgrown the holder I bought last Christmas so I'm thinking of getting cute knobs or hooks to hang my scarves and necklaces on and for everything else get a bigger holder to hang in my closet.

  2. Love your holders. I need a better way to hold all my jewelry. Even though I like how have my necklaces hanging on my wall lol


  3. I really like the UO jewelry tree and I have a similar one. Also, very chic Ann Taylor bracelet.

  4. I love your stuff. In NYC, what's your favorite spot to shop for vintage jewlery?

  5. what a wonderful display! it's all very pretty & I love how you designed it :)

  6. Oh Kim I really admire your organisational skills here. All my jewelry is shoved in a box, which is perhaps not so good as I tend to forget what I have to wear. I'm taking notes!


  7. Love the display! Great idea with the lotion jars!

  8. i wondered where you kept all your accessories...

    1. You have some really great ideas here!! :) I have a great product to keep your earrings organized and at your finger tips!! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Diva-Danglers/166988510059001


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