July 20, 2012

eBook Review: "I Made All The Mistakes" by Taylor Marie Castaneda

This week's FBFF topic is about what we're currently reading and I thought I'd share a recent eBook I read by fellow blogger Taylor Marie Castaneda, of The UrbanDater. It's called "I Made All The Mistakes So You Don't Have To" because we all know that we have some skeletons in our closet. She was very open about her past dating relationships which are all relatable and even shared her choice to have an abortion. It is very current because she mentions how social networks play a role in dating today like Facebook stalking.

Her and I have a similar problem - we like the jerks, cheaters, liars and commitment phobes because the nice guy's scare us. She had a nice guy who's whole world revolved around her (sounds great? not really). I'm also afraid of this. I've been very independent and when I meet someone, I want them to have their own life as well. Somehow this leads to dating jerks... HELP! She writes a chapter about AOTC or Asshole of The Century. I think every woman has a man like that in her dating history. He cheated, he lied, he manipulated, you stayed with him because "you loved him." If you don't have an AOTC - be grateful!

I liked the first chapter where she talks about the psycho rage she went on after finding out she was cheated on. Looking back on it she realizes that women have the power to control their anger and two wrongs don't make a right. That's why I've always said that the best revenge is moving on and being happy. I've been cheated on many times and there have been times I wanted to slash their tires or throw their clothes out the window but in the end I felt much better just walking away and never answering their calls/texts again. I even left one guy while he was in the shower (greatest feeling ever!).

She writes a "Dear Match.com" letter about her frustrations with online dating. Yes, there are some crazies but I think online dating works best for those in metropolitan areas who are busy. I recommend it to my friends so that they can have a night to get dressed up and meet someone. I don't recommend it for someone who is looking for a guy who wants to settle down - especially in New York!

"Dating is a learning process, where over time we find out what we want, what we can live with & what we cannot stand." - Agreed! This is a light and humorous read that's great for anyone who has an interesting dating history. You can laugh at her mistakes and cringe at the ones you've made as well. Great summer reading!

What books have you read lately?

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  1. I haven't heard of this book, but it sounds interesting & very intense!

    1. It has it's intense moments but definitely more laughing :)

  2. This sounds like a great read! I haven't read her blog before.

  3. thanks for the review! and i'm so happy you liked it. ope your readers enjoy it as well. xo, taylor


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