July 11, 2012

Best of Fall 2012 Couture Fashion Shows

Couture designers have been sending their magnificent fall collections down the runways and I can't help but be in awe. Season after season designers find new ways to wow me. Keep it coming!

Armani Privé mixed slouchy jackets in pastel hues with luxurious velvets. It was refreshing to see lilacs and robin's egg blue for fall collections. I loved the pants!
I felt like there were slim pickings at Chanel. Many of the looks in the beginning were modern takes on the vintage Chanel suit. There were lots of pastels mixed with metallics. 
Christian Dior also had a mix of disappointment. I did love the homage to Dior's "New Look" in the '40s with the full skirts and cinched waists. There was a mix of pastels and metallics as seen at Chanel along with sleek pantsuits. Love the heels and red lips!
Elie Saab was gorgeous - so many beautiful dresses! I can see lots of starlets like J.Lo, Zoe Saldana, Charlize Theron, and Mila Kunis wearing them on the red carpet. They also played a lot with the new color for fall: jade.
Giambattista Valli went into a magical world with gold leaves and butterflies. I loved the ruffled fabrics and extravagant dresses. Gorgeous gem colors - a love affair with red!
Valentino had a very minimalist feel with clean lines. Midnight navy was the color of choice with other colors sprinkled through. Lots of sheer which will be interesting to see in the fall!

What's your favorite collection?

All images via Style.com


  1. Without a doubt, Elie Saab. I am still drooling. DROOLing!


  2. Elie Saab is hands down my favourite collection!!

  3. Elie Saab for sure. I would love to wear anyone of those dresses! Not that I have the occasion or cash but that is besides the point! ha!

  4. loving the christian dior

  5. Christian DIor... would wear it all! But the Giambattista Valli... the first one?! STUNNING!

  6. oh my gosh, elie saab. i die. want every one of those dresses!

  7. I'm in LOVE with the Chanel and Elie Saab collection!

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    Hopefully I helped! ^^


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