July 24, 2012

20SB Blog Swap: Childhood Summer Vacation

I signed up for 20 Something Blogger's Blog Swap where the topic was Childhood Summer Vacation. My partner is Lauren from The View From Here. She has a real fun blog and I was excited to be partnered up! Here's her post:

When I was growing up, my maternal grandmother and grandfather - or, Gramsey and Grumps as we affectionally called them ("because Grumps is Grumpy and Gramsey is Grammy!" - yeah, I don't know what that means either.) owned a farm in Creemore, Ontario. And yeah, before you ask - THAT Creemore. My summers were spent enjoying the countryside - as were my fall weekends, holidays, Christmases, and ski weekends.

The view from the farm

I remember climbing on top of giant hay bales, and driving through the fields in my grandfather's SUV as he took us on "elephant hunts" (aka driving around hay bales and telling an awesome story). Walking ALL THE WAY back to the woods that backed onto the property for fun. Chasing our dog, Jessie (a blonde lab) down to the Taylor's (our neighbors) when she took off through the field.

Walking at the farm, age 3.

Lying in the hammock behind the bard and reading a book, and playing in that same barn for hours - it contained old antique desks, a semi-functional pool table, cricket sets, and more. Secretly trying to sneak into the old, worn down, "off limits" barn and being scared it was haunted. Sneaking raspberries from my grandmother's raspberry patch, which was next to the barn, and eagerly pulling the carrots out of her veggie garden. I remember the "fort" we built through the bush connecting the barn's field and the raspberry patch - in fact, we still have the "rules" of the fort and horseshoe entrance sign hanging in my parent's garage. I remember my dad and uncles scaring away groundhogs who were burrowing in the fields, and being scared of the floating, glowing yellow eyes of coyotes and too-near howls as they crept through those raspberries at night. My grandfather used to pay me and my sister "A WHOLE dollar!!" to spend hours picking up pine cones off the driveway. It was a win/win: we got much-coveted money at 6 and 8, and my grandfather got a few hours of peace and quit while we were outside. I vividly remember the time my dog fell into the pool, through the plastic cover in the dead of winter, on a leash - and the screams of my mom as she got stuck and they had to get her out. I not-so-vividly remember waking up one morning to the distinct sound of mooing, only to look out the window and see dozens of the cows from across the street on the lawn, in the flower garden, eating the tulips, and on the driveway. Seems the fence keeping them corralled had broken.
The farm's back/side porch

Some of my best memories were made at that farm - from growing up with my sister, to gaining two new playmates (my cousins Carly and Alex, now both all grown up), to a special Christmas horse drawn carriage ride, to fireworks, to pool noodles and dogs swimming laps of the deep end. Sadly, the farm was sold quite a few years ago (around 2006), and a lot has changed since then (besides us): Creemore Springs was bought by Molson, and (as I just discovered today) my favourite store, The Mad River Teahouse, is no longer in existence and was listed for sale at $329,000. I often wonder if the farm itself has changed, whether or not the willows still line the long driveway, and what Fairgrounds Road (the street the farm was on) looks like today. 

Whenever I head up to that area - visiting Barrie, Wasaga Beach, or Blue Mountain; I tell myself I'll drive by and check things out... but I always end up forgetting, as if my subconscious just wants to keep my memories perfectly preserved the way them are, and honestly, I think I might like it that way.


  1. Sounds like such a beautiful place! Love this post! And your blog is so gorgeous! I follow you! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. awww looks gorgeous there! reminds me a lot of a place my grandparents had.

  3. This sounds amazing! We had a raspberry patch in my neighborhood when I was a bit older. Amazing!


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