July 2, 2012

19 Greatest R&B Songs of the 90s

This weekend Vh1 had a special "Top 40 R&B Songs of the 90s" and I was in flashback heaven! The fashions, the harmonies, the moves! I miss the days when boy bands would do synchronized dancing and harmonize. There was a lot of female empowerment that is missing from the music scene today. While they based their list on how long the songs were on the Billboard charts, I'm making my own list! In no particular order...
1. R. Kelly "Bump N' Grind" 

Was there no bigger R&B sensation than R. Kelly? This song has one of the best openings ever... "my body's telling me YESSssss"

2. Bone Thugs n Harmony "Tha Crosswords"

I must have terrified my mother with my love of Bone Thugs. This song had one of the most beautiful music videos.

3. 702 "Where My Girls At"  


Still got this jam on my iPod.

4. Jade "Don't Walk Away"

5. Toni Braxton "Breathe Again" 

No one did break up songs like Toni! But what was she thinking with that hair?

6. Keith Sweat "Nobody"

Greatest 90s R&B singer name.

7. SWV "Weak"


8. Bell Biv Devoe "Poison"


"Don't trust a big butt and a smile" - wise words.

9. Boyz II Men "Motown Philly" 

I still bust a move when this song comes on.

10. Mary J. Blige "Real Love"

All hail the queen.

11. Silk "Freak Me"

90s songs make Akon songs look tame.

12. En Vogue "My Lovin' (You're Never Gonna Get It)"

I wanted to be them! Thought I could pull off that look.

13. Ginuwine "Pony"

Last night at the BET Awards, Tyrese, Ginuwine and Tank announced they were uniting to form T.G.T and will be touring. I couldn't be more excited!

14. Aaliyah "Are You That Somebody"


Aaliyah + Timbaland = great music.

15. Mark Morrison "Return of the Mack"

One of my favorite jams. No one says "you lied to me" in a better way.
16. Janet Jackson "That's the Way Love Goes"


I wanted to rock that choker and cropped vest so badly.

17. Mariah Carey "Fantasy"


Mariah at her finest. I choreographed a dance to this song in my grade school dance class. Still remember it!

18. Shai "If I Should Ever Fall in Love"

Can't believe this was not on the list!

19. Montell Jordan "This is How We Do It"

One of the funnest songs of the 90s. Dare you not to dance!

What songs would you add to the list?

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  1. This totally brings back some memories!!

  2. Oh man, talk about a walk down memory lane! So many great songs on this list :)

  3. #2, #7, #8, #9, #14, #18, #19...you picked some great ones. I love 90s much. #14 and #7 are my faves on your list.

  4. Cute, cute post! I'm jammin' in my chair. Thanks lady. 2, 4, 5, 16 and 18 are my top 5 FAVE!

  5. omg! this post just made my day! these were my jams!!!

  6. I love this list!!! I have all but one of these on my iPod! What a fun post!! :)

  7. These songs bring me back to my middle school and high school days. :)

  8. i liked all of the ones you picked but posion sorry dont really like that one i would of had usher my way or nice and slow something like that but thanks for the throw backs when i was a kid


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