June 8, 2012

Sunset Nails

I'm back to ombre nails! I think they look like a sunset, no? I took my own advice and used lighter colors for a better ombre affect than last time I attempted. Here's what I used:

e.l.f's "Light Pink" was the base color that I painted my whole nail. Then China Glaze's "Dance Baby," Sephora by OPI's "Army Candy," and Sally Hansen's "Coral Reef" were the colors I applied to the sponge to create the overall affect.

What's on your nails this week?

The Nail Files


  1. OOooooOOOoo!! Those turned out GREAT! They totally look like a sunset!

  2. Pretty! They totally do like the sunset.

    It's funny because my nails are REALLY similar to yours! :)

  3. So pretty! I attempted a gold/bronze ombre mani yesterday but I don't have a good sponge so it didn't turn out quite as expected, plus I probably need some more practice. Have you tried using a layer of white polish first? I think it's a good idea particularly when you're using light colors!

    1. I've heard of that suggestion but since I typically paint my nails one solid color for a day before I sponge on colors, I haven't found it necessary.

      I use cheap-o makeup sponges from the drugstore!

  4. They came out so great! I need to master the art of ombre nails.

  5. gorgeous!! they turned out great!

  6. Did you use those square foundation make-up pads to this? Every time I try to do the ombre nails using them they don't ever take. I love the nail polish colors you used. Def. reminds me of a Spring/Summer sunset.


  7. They look awesome! Definitely reminds me of a sunset... or a Tequila Sunrise!


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