June 20, 2012

I'm Bringing Back the Brooch

Cardigan: Uniqlo | Polka dot pants: Ann Taylor | White blouse: LOFT | Silver loafers: Zappos (similar here) |  Neon bracelet: Ann Taylor | Brooch: Vintage via Etsy
I go through phases with my style. One phase I always come back to is brooches. I have built quite a collection of vintage and new finds. I've been adding them to my outfit lately like to the PRINCE Magazine launch party. I wore this outfit to the Barney's & Haper's BAZAAR's Beauty Breakfast event last Thursday. I got this super comfy and lightweight cardigan at Uniqlo during their holiday sales. The brooch has beautiful gold leaf detailing with purple gemstones:

My arm candy included an Ann Taylor neon bracelet and a hand painted Mallory Musante bracelet that I received in my goodie bag at the PRINCE magazine event.

Do you like to wear brooches?

P.S. Don't worry, I'm worrying a nude tank top underneath the sheer blouse (I wouldn't dare!).


  1. Love your nailpolish color and your brooch. I've never been a big fan of brooches but I do think some are very pretty (like yours!).


  2. I love broaches! They'll never go out of style (in my mind ;). They really class up an outfit - you look great!

    And that arm party? Cute!

    1. Why thank you :) I like to "class" it up once in awhile hehe

  3. That brooch is just gorgeous. I have a few vintage ones myself and don't wear them nearly enough. I need to start!

  4. Loving your hair in these pictures! The brooch looks amazing. I need to start wearing them more often too.

  5. I am a HUGE HUGE fan of brooches! They are so fun! Love yours!

    xo, sam

    **Style of Sam**

  6. I love brooches (and yours is a beauty) but my Mom wears brooches a lot, I mean A LOT so I just don't. I want too but they make me feel you much like my Mom. I gotta get over that!

  7. Too much like my Mom, I meant Darn auto correct


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