June 26, 2012

Happy Pride Month!

Image via MSNBC
June is Pride Month for the LGBT community and the world. On Sunday, I watched the Pride Parade march down 5th Avenue and I couldn't help but be moved. It was so inspiring to see so many youth out there in support. But there were also many signs of the struggles the LGBT community still face. There was an old man in boy scouts uniform who carried a sign "85 year old boy scout who was kicked out for being gay." I'm lucky to live in a liberal city like New York who is far ahead of most of this country when it comes to gay rights. But I'm hopeful seeing so many youth because I know when they become old enough to vote that they will make a difference.

Some shots I took: 1) Fabulous drag queen. 2) "Created in God's image" sign. 3) LGBT flag. 4) Empire State Building in rainbow lights for the festivities.
LGBT is short for the acronym LGBTQIA (sometimes there are more).  I represent the "A" or Ally. I guess I was always a straight ally but especially became one after my best friend came out to me in high school. I knew how big of a deal it was to him to come out at a private, homophobic school. High school boys are not the nicest. The only out gay kid was the over flamboyant type who survived because girls thought he was "fabulous." My friend, William, wasn't that confident about who he was and didn't want to prance around with boas. When he told me, he was shocked how little it phased me. I wasn't sure what reaction he was expecting from but it didn't change how I felt about him. I didn't know any gay people before him so perhaps he thought I'd be naive. However, to me it's simple: people should be allow to love who they want.
We look like babies

Not to sound like Stephen Colbert but I don't look at people based on race or sexual orientation but for the quality of person they are. I have a diverse set of friends as well as dating history. I know 50 years ago, I wouldn't be allowed to date the men I like to and wouldn't appreciate being told who I can or cannot date. No matter your beliefs, the bottom line is these are people who deserve to be with the one's they love.

Happy Pride Month!


  1. I agree, and I wish there were more events like this around where I live. I enjoyed this post :)


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