June 12, 2012

5 Father's Day Gift Ideas

Does anyone else find shopping for the men in their life extremely difficult? Men aren't very good at making lists of things they need or want. If it comes to mind, they just go buy it. I've been keeping a birthday list for months! I have the unfortunate pleasure of having my brother's birthday AND Father's Day fall on the same day this year (this Sunday!). Doubt gift dilemma. I don't typically find any of the suggested Father's Day gift guides helpful because 1) My father doesn't drink and 2) He's not a tool man either. These are general categories I stick to when shopping for him:

1. Grilling. My parent's house has become the entertaining house. We host many family picnics there during the summer so he's always in need of some new BBQ tools or a grilling set.

2. Golfing. As a man of leisure, he likes to golf. You can get him golf balls, a golf club, golf clothes... the list goes on. It's a never ending category for great shopping gifts!

3. Reading. For Christmas, I got him the Steve Jobs biography, which he enjoyed. Now that he's retired... he has more time to read books. However, the problem has become that if he finds a book he wants to read, he'll just buy it.

4. Clothes. Being the fashionable daughter that I am, I always like to help spruce up my family member's wardrobe. Men typically want socks or casual tees. Sometimes it doesn't have to be fancy, practical works too.

5. Sports. Un-related to golf. My father is a big New York Giants fan so we tend to get him everything Giants themed. I've also unofficially started a tradition of going to Yankees games with him and my brother for Father's Day.

What are some of your Father's Day gift ideas?


  1. This is the first time I've had Fathers Day sorted before hand. He got a pair of shoes, picked by him. But I think a new set of golf clubs are next for him (mainly so we have an extra set. He doesn't let me use them when we go golfing together!)

  2. I am stuck for a fathers day gift and i still need a gift for my bf whose birthday is on saturday!! gah!

  3. Thanks for these great ideas! Men are always so hard to shop for, especially dads! I'm pretty sure my dad would love those grilling tools.


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