May 14, 2012

Why Women Make Better Community Managers

The role of a Community Manager has been loosely defined. The responsibilities vary company to company and especially depend on how large the company is.  The smaller the company, the more responsibility. A general definition of a Community Manager is someone who uses online networks to be the voice of the company to the community and the voice of the community to the company (Social Media Today). Most CMs interact with the community which typically involve crisis management, customer service, dealing with complaints, etc. 

My experience as a Community Manager began while I was a Managing Editor for a blog that focused on topics young girls like to discuss: fashion, beauty, celebrity gossip, etc. Not only was I creating and editing content, I handled all the complaints, tried to keep the comments positive on controversial posts, and even created a weekly feature highlighting some of our most active readers. The role really transformed into the community aspects as the site grew and of course there were some controversial posts to keep that readership growing. Being a CM you need:
  • Patience... a whole lot of it!
  • A positive attitude
  • An ability to stay calm under pressure

This isn't to say that there aren't some guys who can be successful in a Community Manager position but as you can see by this Infographic, there are 68% women. Why I think women tend to be more successful in this role is because:
  • We are more caring. Perhaps it's our maternal instincts but we tend to want to nurture and care for others.
  • We are good listeners. Women are better listeners and we will hear someone out if they have a complaint.
  • We are natural multi-taskers. Women can juggle many roles and projects at the same time. A much needed talent in a CM role.
  • We try to find resolutions. We are natural fixers, we tend to meddle in our friends lives now we can find solutions to make the experience better for the community.
  • We use more words. It may sound odd but sometimes conveying our thoughts with more words put someone at ease rather than short jolted sentences.
Do you agree? Why do you think women are successful in this role?


  1. Ok, I'll bite.

    Your logic here is ridiculous.

    You're confusing the number of women that completed the survey with the skill of those that do. By the same logic, you can say the best community managers are in the North-East.

    If we know that most Facebook users are men, does that mean men are better at Facebook? Or you could say that because most CEOs are men, that men make better CEOs. It's a dumb argument.

    I'm not saying you're wrong (it's tough to determine either way), but you're logic is ridiculous.

    It would be more interesting to look at those that run the biggest/most successful communities, then see if they're men/women.

  2. Replies
    1. I didn't come to this conclusion because of one Infographic. I'm basing my opinion off my experience in the industry for the past 3 years. I know many female community managers i.e. Birchbox, Tivity, Meetup. I'm sure there are plenty of great male community managers as well.

    2. I think coming to someones blog & using the word "ridiculous" to describe their opinion on a subject is well...ridiculous.

      Anyway, regarding the topic at hand, i think these points are generalizations and that there are various studies that reach similar conclusions.

      I think businesses tend to use this information like most other surveys for planning & recruiting etc but as generalizations go, it always comes down to each individual.

      But all that PC-ness aside, yes we Women Rock! :)

  3. I think we need to stop the men vs women comparisson. I think the job requires all the things you listed but to come and declare a gender better than the other so they are better for the job, kinda ridiculous.

    As a woman I want to be considered for a job because of my talents. Not because I'm a woman. That just begs the stereotypes which is what you are doing. I want to be looked at as an individual not as a gender.

    In second grade I won an award for a play called girls can do anything boys can do. And I think it works backwards in the sense that anyone with those qualities you list can do the job regardless of gender.

    1. I definitely want to land a job because of my talent. I rarely think women get jobs because they are a women. I think it's important to note that women are great in certain roles. In the tech/social media scene it is such a "bromance" among guys that it is really hard for women to get noticed. That's why I appreciate communities like NY Tech Women.

  4. As a female Community Manager, I do have to admit that we rock ;)



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