May 12, 2012

Q&A With PRINCE Magazine's Editor-in-Chief Matthew Grimsley

There's a new online magazine for stylish men, PRINCE Magazine. It is geared towards stylish, young, professional metropolitan men. The magazine just launched in April and features diversity, styling advice and tips, editorials, trends, lifestyle photo shoots, and more. The concept was developed and brought to life by Matthew Grimsley (Co-Founder, Editor-in-Chief, and Creative Director), Tyler Hill (Co-Founder and Managing Editor), and Bryant Littrean (Co-Founder and Publishing Director). The recent issue has articles like "In a sea of neutrals, how does a Prince add that extra edge to his wardrobe without being overtly bold?" and "Patterns are cool, but prints are hot!"

Love this bow tie!

I had the chance to ask Matthew Grimsley, the Editor-in-Chief a few questions:

What inspired you to create this magazine? What did you feel was missing from other type of magazines? 
Matthew: What inspired me to create PRINCE magazine, was the disconnect I felt from reading the few indie and mainstream men's fashion magazines as a young man. The industry needs PRINCE magazine to captivate the attention of the young, stylish, metropolitan man who comes from a multicultural and diverse background. There is an absence of budget-friendly fashion, diversity, and the ability to connect to readers in this digital age of information. PRINCE magazine is intended to fill this void.

What are the biggest challenges for fashionable men? Not enough options?
Matthew: The biggest challenge for fashionable men is finding affordable fashion that goes beyond menswear's basic, somber color palette and striped patterns. It is our job to edit through each season’s collection of new and established designers to bring readers what they are looking for.

Who would you say is the target audience? Men who already have great style or men looking for a little help?
Matthew: Our target audience is a combination of both. PRINCE is geared towards the stylish, young, professional, metropolitan man. Young men will be able to get help from PRINCE by reading our Trend Reports, "How To" tutorials, and relationship/career advice.

Do you think men like to dress to impress women or other men? Or are they just looking to express themselves?
Matthew: Yes, I believe men will dress to impress women, a male friend, or potential business partner, etc. However we encourage readers to dress from within! A young man's confidence and boastful charm is his most fashionable accessory.

Which city would you say has the best dressed men?
Matthew: I'd have to say Paris and London. I like their style differently but, equally. I like how Paris fashionistos will own a few quality, classic staples for years and mix them in with trendy pieces. Aesthetically, London's street style is probably the closest to the Prince charm of NYC. These young men are daring, rebellious fashionistos! They have a style their own that inspires and attracts others.

What trends are popular for men this spring/summer?
Matthew: This spring, one of the hottest trends are shoes with neon soles. Many young men are sporting multiple beaded and stringy bracelets stacked on one arm. I really like this trend because you can have fun experimenting with a variety of textures and colors. I particularly enjoy stacking bracelets with a worn and weathered look over my watch.

Describe the PRINCE man.
Matthew: He is the “prince” that every “princess” wants to be with and is admired by his peers. He is a go-getter with a magnetic attitude. His style is daring with a dash of royal sophistication and everyday approachability.

How do you like your man to dress? Will you be subscribing him to PRINCE Magazine? Check them out on Facebook!


  1. That bow-tie is so cute! Great interview :)

  2. Great interview!! i LOVE Matt! I am so proud of him!!! We went to college together! He is awesome.

  3. Thanks for sharing! I haven't heard of it, but definitely something to look into! Maybe the hubby could benefit! LOL!

    xo, sam


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