May 5, 2012

My May Sample Society Box

I have to say, I was disappointed by this month's Sample Society box. I was pretty impressed from the get-go with them. They promise 5 deluxe size samples which is why you pay $15 versus the typical $10. As you can see, there are 5 items but they are not "deluxe" size. The box looks pretty empty. I received:

- Alterna Bamboo UV+ Fade-Proof Fluide (.25 fl oz sample) - It's weightless serum that helps shield your hair from UVA and UVB sun damage. It smells good but very small that I won't get a lot of use out of it. Much like my Kerastase serum from my Teen Vogue Birchbox.
- StriVectin-SD Intensive Concentrate for Stretch Marks & Wrinkles (.75 fl oz) - Pretty sure when I filled out my beauty profile, I did not mention that stretch marks and wrinkles were a concern of mine.
- Stila's Forever Your Curl Mini Mascara (.12 fl oz) - I won't be using this mascara that much since my eyes are very sensitive and I need to use waterproof mascara.
Bond No. 9 perfume sample - Cool wrapping but not a fan of the scent.
- colorscience Pro SPF 20 Travel Puff in Illuminating Pearl Powder. I received this item in my February Birchbox and recently used it during my trip to California. I really liked it!

Stila Forever Your Curl Mascara

I have naturally curly lashes but I don't think this mascara did anything spectacular. Allure included tips for maximum curl and one tip was since eyelashes are hair, that they curl better with heat so heat up your lash curler before using. Never heard of this so thought I'd pass it on!

What did you get in your Sample Society box this month?


  1. I don't take part in this scheme but the box looks pretty empty. Having said that I think that stretch mark cream is worth quite a bit! I will happy take it off your hands :-) Tell me more about this travel puff (tweet me) as I have a lot of travel coming up this month...

  2. Yeah I opened mine ywesterday and was disappointed, not very good or generous samples this month at all :o(

  3. It is an informative article about eye care. How does a raw food diet help in preventing aging?

  4. Sample Society doesn't customize their boxes at this stage, so it's to be expected that there will be some products (like your StriVectin) that make ya go, "uh, wtf?"

    1. We do answer a few questions but that's the first wtf product I've gotten

  5. Getting a bond perfume sample is a big deal. Those can be hard to come by. People sell them on ebay.


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