May 16, 2012

Get Permanent Hair Removal With Silk'n Flash & Go At Home!

Fun fact about Kim: I am a bit OCD about hair. I really hate body hair. If I see dark body hair on someone else, I immediately shave that body part even though I don't have thick, dark hair there. TMI, I know. But now I don't need to obsess because there's an at-home permanent hair removal system! I was excited to try Silk'n Flash and Go! It should really be called "Simple" Flash and Go because the treatments are so easy to do. The device does all the work for you. All you need to do is clean, shave and dry the area you wish to treat.

Flash & Go is unique because it works on all areas of the body including the face whereas as most at-home treatments don't. It is also a great bargain at $299 whereas if you went to a spa for multiple treatments you would spend thousands of dollars. I don't know about you... but I would also rather do hair removal in the comfort of my own home.

How it works is the HPL (or Home Pulsed Light) technology kills the hair follicle and depletes hair growth resulting in permanent hair removal. Now because the light needs to detect the hair, it does not work on dark skin tones. It is best for those who have dark hair but fair skin (like myself). 

The package includes the Flash & Go handheld device, an extra lamp cartridge, instructional DVD and informational starter's guide that explains everything you need to know about the device.

The gun is pretty cute. Felt like I was doing my wedding registry!

Here's a short video of me using the device on my thigh (so sexy) to show you the process:


There's a tiny fan in the device to cool it off so that's why it sounds like I'm blow drying my hair. When the lights on the side blink, that means it's ready for you to click the pulse button. Work in the same direction in adjacent area to apply light pulse. Try to avoid overlapping. I started with the lowest energy level since it was my first testing session. As you go along you can build up to level 3. I wouldn't look directly at it since the light pulse is so bright. It feels really warm on your skin but quickly fades away. Painless - better than waxing! I have sensitive skin and felt no irritation. I'm looking forward to doing more sessions for permanent results. 
For lasting results, do treatments approximately every 2 weeks. Long-term results may require multiple treatments over 18-24 months. It is recommended that you avoid exposure 4 weeks before and 2 weeks after treatment. And when you do, use sun block! Since I used my upper thigh... it will not be seeing the light of day for awhile. I've only used the treatment once. Stay tuned for more results in the coming weeks!

ALSO! Silk'n is offering a special discount to my readers: Get 20% off any device with the code "NYNY" at

Have you ever tried laser hair removal?

Disclaimer: I received this product courtesy of Silk'n. All opinions are my own.


  1. hair is a total pain
    cool little gadget if it really works
    i am always skeptical lol

    1. Isn't it? It's just a longgg process so I know I'll get bored quickly

  2. i've never tried this. i get mine threaded. it seems to last longer than waxing

  3. I think this is a great gadget to have in order to remove unwanted hair. This is a must have for women.

  4. I actually won this at the workshop and I am can't wait to use it. My arms are sooo hairy (like a man's) and I am waiting until I get my stubble back since I just had them waxed a week ago so I can try out the machine. But I read in the instructions that its going to be a long process with multiple treatments. Let me know how yours goes.


    1. haha nice! Yes, multiple treatments with a few weeks in between.

  5. Great post and yes the video of your thigh was super sexy! lol I'm going to have to purchase this soon. Looks like a great alternative to waxing and to the expensive laser hair removal treatments at a spa or doctors office since Im on a budget right now. Great for a single girl like me this summer!

  6. I have a Flash & Go and though I was skeptical at first I can't deny how well the laser hair removal works. After 5 treatments I have no hair under my arms, which used to be a huge problem for me. Plus the razor burn was the worst! Going to do treatments on my legs next now that I know it works so great!

  7. So I had to stop by and tell you that I purchased the Flash & Go with your discount code and I love it! I've only done two treatments so far but I can already see a reduction in the amount of hair that is growing back. And it doesnt hurt at all which is a plus for me since I am a baby when it comes to pain lol. Thanks so much for this review and helping out a hairy girl like me :)

    1. Hi Holly,

      So happy to hear you are enjoying the product! Keep me posted :)

  8. i have one you use it after shaving??or do you shave..wait one day and then use it, so that the hair starts to grow back?

  9. I use this product and I think it's great! I haven't used it long enough for permanent results but so far so good! There are certain patches of hair that haven't grown back at all and the rest are growing back slower than usual. It's pretty easy to use as well!

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