May 25, 2012

FBFF: Summer Trends I'm Loving

5 Summer Trends I Want to Wear

5 Summer Trends I Want to Wear by kimberleevdw

This week's FBFF theme is summer trends. Here are 5 summer trends I'm loving:

1. Tangerine. “Tangerine Tango” is the official color of 2012 and there’s no better time to wear this bright color than the summer. The good news is that it’s available in all shades so you can find the best one for you. Add small pops of color with your accessories or go bold in some orange jeans.

2. Neon. I love all things neon. It really brightens your mood. Don’t shy away from color! Neons can be toned down with more neutral colors or you could go full force with color blocking. It is also a great way to highlight your new tan.

£115 -

3. Maxi dresses. Most people think you have to be model tall to wear one. I disagree. I think women of all shape and sizes can wear one, the key is finding the right fit and length. You may have to get it hemmed or even head to the kid’s section like I did. They are such an easy yet chic look during those hot summer days that they should be a staple in your summer wardrobe.

Floral dress
$110 -
4. Wedges. They are the perfect shoe for the summer so invest in a great pair. They are easy to dress up or down since they look great with everything. You can stick with neutral color or make a statement with color. Just be sure you get a pedicure before stepping out in them!

5. Stripes. Nautical is always a big trend during the warmer months. Nothing says nautical like navy and white stripes (like my nails!). A striped tote bag is the perfect accessory for the beach because you can fit all your essentials for the day. Don’t forget the sunblock!

$36 -

The great thing about trends is that they are a great way to add new life to your wardrobe. Each season there's a new round of trends that designers offer on the runways. That doesn't mean you should wear ALL of them. Find the ones that work best for your style and shape.

What are your favorite summer trends?

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  1. Cute bag, I love it! And yes maxi dresses are perfection for summer, cool and easy! Have a great weekend!

  2. Loving the stripes! Now, if I can just find the perfect striped maxi dress for a petite I'll be happy. ;)

  3. i am with you on these trends and have some of each in my closet

  4. Tangerine is one of my favourite trends too, as well as maxi skirts/maxi dresses and wedges! And I totally agree with you that maxi dresses look good on all women, it's all about finding the right fit and length, as you say.

  5. Wedges are my favourite summer trend. I love them!

  6. I always love floral dresses. Red jeans are great too, have been considering getting myself a pair.

  7. Nice picks! I agree, pretty much anyone can look great in a maxi dress if the fit is right - just like almost any clothing item!


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