May 9, 2012

5 Mother's Day Gift Ideas Under $50

This Sunday is Mother's Day. A time to celebrate mom and give her a gift that lets her know you care. Or is practical since her life is so chaotic! Here are some gift ideas I've given to my mom in the past (since I'll never be able to top that poem I wrote for her in middle school!) and perhaps will give you some ideas for what to get your mom:

1. Something for the kitchen. Daschunds are the family dog so my sister is getting my mom this doxie oil and vinegar cruet set. I kind of want one for myself!

2. Some reading. I got my mom "Jersey Girls: The Fierce and Fabulous" because she's a die hard Jersey girl and I know she'll love reflecting on her Jersey Shore days.

3. Relaxation. Every mom needs to relax. My mom asks for the same bubble bath every holiday. Philosophy's Amazing Grace. You could also get her a gift card to your local spa for a massage.

4. Kids. If you have kids (like my sister), you pretty much can make anything with their faces on it and Grandma will love it. Like a wall calendar.

5. Breakfast in bed. SNL did an amazing spoof about this old tradition... Warning: NSFW!


What are you getting your mom for Mother's Day?


  1. I cried laughing over that SNL skit. To bad Eli in the episode wasn't as good as his brother Payton lol. Love the ideas for Mothers Day. My dad is so lost this year...

    1. haha it was so good! Kind of makes me want to read it :x

      Aww guys are always lost when it comes to shopping for gifts for women hehe

  2. These are great ideas! I am thinking of doing a calendar with everyone from the family's birth dates so she can always know.

  3. i got my mom the same initial necklace my family got me
    i love philosophy bath washes!!!!

  4. Give me something from Philosophy any day!

  5. Thanks for the awesome gift ideas Kimberlee, we always get Mom a nice relaxation gift basket with bath oils and salt. Her big gift this year can go anywhere but I can already see her with it in the kitchen. We got her an iPad for Christmas and she loves it, she takes it everywhere. Recently she told me that she would like to watch her Food Network shows in the kitchen so she can work along with the TV chefs but there isn’t any room for a TV in the kitchen. A coworker at Dish suggested the Dish Remote Access app and a Sling Adapter. That will give her the ability to watch her live TV shows and DVR recordings anywhere she goes. I would use it on boring errands like trips to the DMV, but if she wants to use it to learn new recipes then I will gladly be her taste tester.

  6. I usually give her flowers & wine - simple as that! And she always appreciates it:)

  7. These are all greatest ideas for mother day to use one of them for your mother.


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