April 16, 2012

Guest Post: Your Little Secret to Stylish Travel by Dean Street Society

Hello loves! I’m Hilary from Dean Street Society where I work as a personal stylist helping “real people with real budgets” look like the best version of themselves, in the simplest way possible. And that is precisely what I our goal should be when traveling like Miss Kimberlee! You want to be light & concise so you’re not schlepping your life around, but you also want to dress for brilliant & vibrant photos to capture the memories. My #1 trick to pulling that off? Accessories.

I often talk with my clients about being remarkable, meaning “worthy of remark.” If you’re wearing a t-shirt & shorts, there may be nothing much to say. But it’s the colored necklace or the patterned head scarf that allows people to comment, “That’s so cute! Love that color on you!” It’s also those things that make a photo pop. So make sure you have a fistful of chunky, bright, bold pieces that work with most everything in your suitcase so you can make any simple little black sundress stand out.

And the best part? They’re little! Shoes, sweaters, jeans, full skirts … those things take up space & weight in your bag. But a fistful of accessories lets you remix & re-wear lots of your pieces while making them look like different outfits for different adventures. 

Need more tips? Come over to the {bow ties & bettys} style blog, as I just got back from my first Caribbean vacation & have been doling out lots of stylish travel advice. Plus, sign-up for the newsletter on my sidebar, as we’ve got a travel episode coming up on my new show VPL {it just launched yesterday!} on the Hello Style Channel that will deliver even more inspiration just in time for summer vacation!

with grace & gumption, Hilary & Dean Street Society


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