April 13, 2012

Guest Post: Weekend Away Packing Essentials by Modly Chic

I don't think of myself as a travel expert. I haven't been out of the country in years, although I did travel a lot in high school and college. Now, instead of long jaunts to exotic places I often take short weekend trips with friends. Apparently I do this more than the average young professional - who would have thought? For instance, this coming weekend I have a trip to  Washington, DC planned last month I was in Stowe, VT.

Many friends tend to pack WAY too much for three days away. After much practice I have it down to a science. Here are the essentials for spending a weekend away:
  • A pair of jeans. Your most versatile pair - the ones that can be dressed up and dressed down. The comfortable ones that you don't mind spending time in.
  • Two pairs of shoes. With two pairs you should be ready for a Saturday brunch and Friday night out on the town. 
  • Travel-sized products. No sense in carrying around your large bottle of shampoo, body wash, facial cleanser etc. I own little 3oz bottles from Target and just refill them when needed. 
  • A classic top or two. Again think of things that can easily go from day to night. The items you don't have to worry about much. 
  • A sweatshirt. I know this isn't super classy but usually at some point on these whirlwind trips you just want to hunker down with friends for a glass of wine and a movie. Might as well be super comfy while doing that. 
  • A few pieces of jewelry. Think of things that can be paired with your jeans and tops to dress up the outfit. This is the chance to step-up a look. Plus think too of things that are easy to transport and compact. 
  • Pajamas. I suppose that's a given, but it's the one thing I usually tend to forget when I am packing fast. 
  • Basic makeup. I never bring my whole retinue while traveling. Instead I go with the basics and in small quantities. My favorite lipstick, a eyeshadow compact with a few colors, mascara, powder foundation and I'm done. 
That's my travel essentials. I like to pack everything into a single over-sized purse for the weekend. If I need more than that for my things I know I'm overpacked for the time away. Keeping it  small and simple will also help you relax and just enjoy the experience.

Come check out ModlyChic for more of my thoughts on fashion, style, travel and just life in general.


  1. Great tips! I am always an over packer but have tried to be better in the last few years.

    1. Especially nowadays when they charge you for checking bags!

  2. Oh I wish I could take just two pairs of shoes for a long weekend. Clearly I need to hone my skills.....!


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