April 14, 2012

Guest Post: Traveling Light Looking a Million Bucks by Mode Plus

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My name is Nefferth and I'm a Caribbean born fashion lover living in the Netherlands. I've been blogging about my personal style since 2010 on my blog Mode Plus.

Who doesn't love a romantic weekend get-away? Or a well planned adventurous vacation? I surely do. Once my destination is decided, I'm already envisioning myself enjoying the moment. Just me the sun, beach and a huge margarita (virgin that is: me + alcohol and sun = not a very good idea). As much as I look forward to get away, I just dread the packing. At these moments I literally stand in front off my closet and have no idea what to bring? How much of what will I need? I either pack too much stuff. Seriously, who needs 5 pair of shoes on a weekend trip? Or I pack too little. Believe me, recycling socks and underwear is not funny. After some trial and error, I found that for me the key was to find a balance on travelling light and still manage to look stylish at the same time. If you recognize what I'm saying, then this post is for you my friend.

Because this is a guest post for Kimberlee, I'll stick to her destination as a reference: travelling to a warm climate. To make things easy for myself, I focus on one item and gradually add more pieces until I am able to remix and recreate looks with the same clothes and accessories. Here are some of my staple pieces:

1. Le jean
A good pair of light weight jeans are a must for me. An easy piece that can take you from day to night just by changing one small detail of your outfit. For this post I choose to go with pastels mixed with some splash of color or prints.

2. Wedges
I know you're thinking: "wasn't this post about traveling light?" Wedges aren't the first choice of many, I know but trust me, giving up some space in the luggage makes up for some style later on. Why would you pack a pair of wedges? Very simple:
a) comfort
b) height
c) did I mention comfort?
If you still need some convincing, I highly recommend you visit this Japanese/Spanish designer Chie Mihara's website. She makes colorful shoes with excellent soles. These red ones below are currently on my wishlist.

3. Le petit short
If I choose to bring a short, I always bring a feminine cut. I'm really liking these white lace shorts you see in my collage. Subtle, sexy and chic. Combine them with wedges for a casual look or bring on the heels to make your legs steal the show.

What is your holy grail for traveling light 
and looking like a million bucks?
Share your thoughts with me. 


  1. I am the world's hugest over packer. I once took 5 pairs of jeans to a very very hot destination!
    I love these tips. I will definitely be taking wedges on my next holiday.

    1. haha I used to be pretty bad but after awhile you learn what you don't need :p

  2. I must add maxi dresses. I have one black maxi made of a great fabric for evening, and a simple striped maxi for the day. Roll them up in tissue paper and roll them out the other end. Perfect packing :-) Great tips!


  3. Great post! Even if I try to plan outfits, I always end up packing way too much!There's one thing I've learned when it comes to packing light, and that's to wear the bulkiest items like for instance jeans and jackets/cardis.

    1. I try to lay out clothes as well. I also like to wear my "bulkiest" outfit for the plane :)

  4. I suck at packing, and am indeed an over packer! Nonetheless, Nefferth has picked some very lovely items for a warm weather destination!!

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