April 6, 2012

FBFF: In Your Easter Bonnet

Easter Inspiration

I will be spending Easter in New York this year. I'm flying out next week to visit my sister in California since it worked better for everyone's schedule. We'll be having faux Easter then. Easter means family and a delicious home cooked meal! One year my aunt (who does everything over the top) had a lamb butter so of course my family proceeded to chop the head off (lol!). 

Growing up, Easter used to be dying eggs at Grandma's house, doing egg hunts in the yard until one melted in my grandma's lamp, and delicious candies in my Easter basket by the fireplace. I love chocolate so Reese's eggs are my favorite but I also love Peeps - they're so cute! When we were little, my mother would dress us in frilly Easter dresses with white shoes and socks. We followed the silly rule of now we can wear white shoes. Now that I'm older, my Easter outfits aren't as frilly but I still like an excuse to dress up and paint my nails to get in the holiday spirit!

It's also a kick off to spring. Flowers starting sprouting, the grass is green and the weather is hopefully warm. When I think of Easter colors soft pastels like yellow, purple and green come to mind.

What does Easter mean to you?

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  1. Oh chocolate bunnies and Easter egg hunts! There aren't any kids around these days but I think I'll be decorating eggs just for fun anyways!!!

  2. watching the kids scream and lose their shizz hunting for easter eggs! then they get all hopped up on sugar and we have to peel them off the ceiling and try to put them to bed. that's always a joy! :)

    1. Oh yes I'm missing out on that fun with my nephews ;)

  3. i am spending easter alone this year...not with fam. idk why either!


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