April 26, 2012

Trend I'm Currently Craving: Inside Out Sweaters

Currently Craving: Inside Out Sweaters
I'm not sure where this craving is coming from, perhaps I am having some Flashdance nostalgia (or perhaps because we are having unseasonably cold spring here in New York) but I really am loving the look of an inside out or reversed sweater. You may be thinking, "But Kim, you could just wear a sweater you already own inside out!" True; however; most of the tags would be hanging out and I don't think it looks as chic as a "faux" inside out sweater. I think it's a fresh update to boring pullover sweaters that can be dressed up or down.

TEXTILE Elizabeth and James a line top
$165 - net-a-porter.com

Free People long sleeve top
$98 - piperlime.gap.com

GAP long sleeve top
$55 - gap.com

Would you wear this trend?


  1. This is a great trend spot and a super cute post!

  2. Loving the Gap one - I'm totally on board with this trend for sure!

  3. i actually own a gray inside out from the GAP from about 5 years ago
    i usually wear it on super casual days, it is one of my favs to bum around in

  4. I totally did this at the office today(even though everyone made fun of me). Though mostly to hide a sneaky stain I picked up doing the dished this morning, I think I look bloody cool (after snipping out all the tags of course).

  5. I have a reversible sweater from American Apparel - does that count? Anyhow, I like the look and would try it!

    xo, sam


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